Men’s Gift Guide For Christmas 2022

We can all relate to the struggle that comes with trying to buy gifts for certain people in our lives. It is typically the men in our life that are harder to buy for, and coming up with different ideas each year can be stressful. 

Whether you are looking to splash the cash and treat the man in your life to a more luxury item, or wanting to cut back and buy something slightly cheaper that will still put a smile on their face, we have got you. This article will provide you with a simple gift guide of both higher end and more affordable options. 


It is very easy to have the impression that in order to purchase a watch as a gift for someone, that it has to be expensive. This is not always the case. There are many different brands, both high end and highstreet, which sell watches with varying price tags. 

Although purchasing a watch with a slightly higher price tag can lead to it holding its value, to the wrong person an expensive watch would be wasted on. A great example of a higher end watch for a man who loves a hint of luxury in their life would be an Omega watch. Do Omega watches hold their value is something you should research into before making the purchase depending on what you are looking for, however there are many companies which offer Omega watches second hand making them slightly cheaper in some cases. 

Some cheaper and more practical watch options that still make perfect gifts for men include the vintage Casio collection as well as simple watches from highstreet shops such as New Look and even Primark. These are a better alternative for men who simply want to be able to tell the time and wear their watch on a day to day basis without worrying about it getting damaged or broken. 

If you are thinking of going down the route of buying a watch for a man who is into sport and exercise, then a smart watch might be your best option and there are many different options available on today’s market. These can also come in a range of different prices depending on the brand.


Just like watches, aftershave can be purchased from a variety of brands and shops and the prices of these can be dependent on these factors. Aftershave from brands such as Gucci are going to cost you more, however not only are you paying for the Gucci name you are also paying for a higher quality product that in most cases will last a lot longer than some of the cheaper brands out there. 

Buying a man a new aftershave that they have never smelt before can be risky, however knowing the types of scents that the receiver enjoys wearing will really help. For example if they prefer more sweet scents, or something more dark and sexy you can easily eliminate certain products.

In some cases you can go into shops that specialize in perfumes and aftershaves with the name of a fragrance and they can advise you on alternative options. This is a great way to get suggestions on new fragrances to buy the man in your life based on what they usually wear and enjoy. 


You might be thinking, socks, that’s a bit of a boring gift, however socks can make the perfect joke present, or even just a simple practical gift. 

Socks come in all different types. This means that there is a pair of socks out there for everyone. For example Primark recently released a clothing range with famous food chain, Greggs. The socks in this range featured their famous sausage rolls and related puns. These would make a great gift for any man who likes novelty, as well as result in putting a smile on their face. 

In some cases funny socks might not go down the best as a Christmas gift. However if your man enjoys a designer name, designer socks are a great way of purchasing something with a high end name, but not spending hundreds in the process. High end clothing brands such as Ted Baker and Michael Kors all sell branded socks that make a perfect gift or stocking filler. If you are looking for even more of a designer bargain, looking in the socks section of your local TKmax will also help. 


Buying for a man in your life does not have to be as stressful as it is made out to be. There are many gift options out there for men which you can easily access both in store or online. 

By setting a clear budget and knowing the sort of things that they are into will help you identify what they will appreciate having their money spent on. For example, there is no point spending hundreds on designer names if they are not interested in luxury fashion brands as this would just be wasted on them. 

Generic gift ideas such as watches, aftershave and socks come in so many different variations of brands, styles and prices that there are options which can be enjoyed by most men. 


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