How to dress up for the occasion: Sporting events

When attending or watching a sporting event, achieving a balance between comfort and style is essential. While the primary focus is on enjoying the game, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your appearance entirely. 

It’s entirely possible to look your best while ensuring you’re comfortable throughout the match. You can still wear your favourite team’s jersey, but it doesn’t mean that you can mix and match it with something nice.

However, sporting events often involve long hours of sitting or standing. You’ll want to wear clothing that allows you to move freely, sit comfortably, and endure various weather conditions, especially if the event is outdoors. This might include choosing breathable fabrics, appropriate footwear, and layers to adapt to changing temperatures.

In addition, not all sporting events are casual-look-friendly. You might need to take it up a notch, depending on the type of event or simply where you’ll be seated.

Casual settings

Sports are more than just watching a fight or analysing the leaderboards on and boxing news platforms. Most of the time, it’s also about meeting people with the same interests and having fun. Hence, it’s inevitable that some would want to show off style and look good. They would wear fancy clothes and even special fan gear.

When you’re going to a sporting event with a casual setting, like football or boxing, going for breathable and comfy clothes like cotton or athletic wear is a good idea. Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics like linen, cotton, or wool to stay calm.

Choose an elegant top without being overly flashy, and complete the look with comfortable jeans and stylish cushioned footwear. Avoiding overly loose pants that may drag on the ground and collect dirt. Comfortable loafers or sneakers are the perfect choice for footwear.

Another practical and stylish option is a romper or jumpsuit, especially if you’re going to an outdoor event on a chilly day. These one-piece outfits provide both comfort and fashion, catering to your preferences. You can also opt for a jacket or an outfit with leggings and boots for rainy days if the event is outdoor.

Women can also wear dresses, but if you plan to wear one, ensure that it gives you a lot of room for movement. Think of a resort wear approach. Avoid dresses that are too short to ensure both comfort and appropriateness.

Consider pairing a nice top with jeans for a casual yet stylish look. This combination is easy to put together and offers both comfort and style. 

Formal occasions

Not all sporting events are casual events. Sometimes, where you’ll be watching can be a determining factor too. For instance, UFC is a casual event, but its dresscode may vary based on your seating section. 

In floor-seat sections near VIP areas, where celebrities often sit, dressing up a bit is common to fit in with the well-dressed crowd. Celebrities at these events are camera-ready, so consider business casual or even formal attire if you want to blend in.

Your choice also depends on whether you want to attend an after-party. If you do, come dressed in your best outfit since there may not be time to change after the event, which often ends late.

There are also events like the Kentucky Derby that require you to wear something they call smart casual for the entire event.

The Derby is famous for its extravagant hats that are not only pretty but also protect you from the sun. Dressing for comfort is crucial due to the warm May weather, and matching your outfit to your hat’s bold patterns is a smart choice.

Darby attire blends southern elegance with modern style, featuring knee-length dresses, flowy options, and rompers. 

For men, the Derby calls for adventurous choices like pink seersucker blazers and bow ties, with footwear options including boat shoes and loafers. Don’t forget to complete your look with a classic dress hat like a fedora or bowler.


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