Struggling for New Year’s Eve party ideas? See our top 5 here

There’s nothing like starting the new year with a bang. 

If you’ve decided not to go out and paint the town red, read our guide to discover a few of our biggest ideas for an unforgettable night. 

1. Host a themed drinks party

If you know your guests well, why not throw a special themed party?  If you’ve just finished a new TV series on Netflix, you could base your party around the cast and plot.

Ask your guests to have a think about their careers and lifestyles – and see if they can describe it with a specific cocktail. With that in mind, see if they can come up with a recipe for an original, one-of-a-kind cocktail. 

At the party, each couple or individual will be able to share stories about the creation of their drink – and share a few after making them, too.

2. Outdoor adventure

You’ll need some high quality winter gear if you’re heading outside to celebrate the end of the year – but with the right group of people, it could be an incredible experience. 

Take your cars, vans, or caravans to the nearest beauty spot – but make sure you have a designated driver with you. Hang up outdoor fairy lights for a soft, atmospheric glow, build a campfire if it’s permitted, and don’t forget the outdoor speaker.

3. The humble wine and cheese night

The cost-of-living crisis might leave revellers abandoning plans for a big night out, so why not host a night full of your favourite delicacies? 

You won’t need to break the bank to find some of the best cheeses on sale in the UK, which could help you put out a fantastic spread for your guests. If you’d like to go the extra mile, you could even ask your guests to bring their own cheese and make a case for why it should be ranked the best one at the party.

4. Unique murder mystery

If you have a creative mind and you live in an interesting town, why not create a bespoke murder mystery game based on your local area?

Using characters based on real individuals – with their permission, of course – you could create a puzzling, intriguing plot to keep your guests entertained for hours. If you can aim for the game to be completed just before midnight, even better!

5. Games night

Still stuck with the in-laws?

After several days and nights of overindulgence throughout the festive period, you might not be in the mood for going out. If you have a decent selection of card games to choose from, why not team up and host a games night instead?

You don’t have to use conventional card games, either. Try something outrageous like Cards Against Humanity for a truly hilarious night – and keep the drinks flowing, too.


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