5 ways to save money without even noticing

The current global economic situation is putting a real strain on households around the world. From Australia to the United States, the cost of living is surging to new heights – fuelled by a combination of inflation, stagnant pay, the lingering effects of Covid-19, and the Ukraine war. And it means people are turning to debt or dipping into savings to make ends meet.

It can be a huge risk to take on more debt when times are tough. If you’re already struggling, it’s easy to get stuck in a cycle that’s hard to break. So, when possible, it makes sense to use your savings. But what if you haven’t been able to put any money away for a rainy day? Well, here are five ways you can build up your savings; small things that can make a big impact.

1. Buy in bulk and use discounts

It can sound counter-intuitive to buy more than you normally would at Coles or Woolies. But there is a logic to it. By doing your grocery shopping in bulk, it’ll give you the chance to take advantage of offers such as “three-for-two” or “buy one get one free”. Of course, it probably won’t work so well on things like fresh fruit and vegetables.

Don’t forget to look out for any other discounts or promotions that may be available on your next shop too. It might not be your usual brand – but any saving you make is a good one. 

2. Repair – rather than replace

If something is broken, to say it’s frustrating is an understatement. And there are also those things we can’t do without in our daily lives. Usually, the easy option would be to go out and buy a replacement when something breaks. But you’d be surprised by how quickly and easily things can be repaired – not least with the number of online tutorials now available.

Even the decision to get a professional in to complete a repair will often work out cheaper in comparison to buying new. It’s a short-term expense for long-term financial gain. 

3. Find your side hustle

Do you have an interest or passion outside of work? Have you thought about turning it into a potential side hustle? You could set up an Etsy shop to sell your arts and craft. Or how about starting a blog about your favourite NRL team with advertising? You even have the chance to sign up to an online forex trading platform if you know your financial markets.

You can then put any cash you make from your side hustle instantly into the savings jar.

4. Save on subscriptions 

A lot of us will undoubtedly have our fair share of subscriptions. Online music streaming, gym, recipe boxes, pet treats – is there anything we can’t now subscribe to from the comfort of our own homes. To boost your savings, however, why not take stock of what you’re signed up to?

You may find you don’t need some of them – and won’t that be a nice little sum back in your pocket each month? It’s not like you need to get rid of them all either.

5. Book travel in advance 

It’s official – booking travel in advance can prove a lot more cost-effective. Not everyone will have air travel on their list of priorities right now. But if you need to be somewhere, there are some handy tips on how to get the best price. The same idea applies to regional and intercity train travel if your next getaway is going to be a little closer to home too.

So, there we have five ways to build up your savings in a simple, pain-free way. But it’s just a drop in the ocean in terms of the many things you can do. What it does illustrate is that it can be done without massively cutting back on all the things you enjoy. And by having a stronger savings pot to call on, you’ll have more to fall back on if times continue to be tough.


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