How to save on your household bills 

For years, people have been looking for ways to save money on their household bills but as we enter 2023, it’s now more important than ever. This is due to the cost of living crisis which is currently plaguing the world. This has led to price rises in gas and electricity prices as well as inflation continuing to rise.

The average cost of living for a household in the UK is just over £3000 and this is only going to rise in 2023. That’s why it’s so important that you know all of the great ways to spend less money. The money left over can then be put into your savings or used for something like a family holiday. 

To teach you how you can save on your household bills, we’ve put together an extensive guide on all the different ways you can cut your costs. Read on to find out more.

Save on your gas and electricity 

Your gas and electricity bill is likely to be one of your biggest expenditures every month – especially during winter. As people look to keep warm, they would usually simply turn the heating on but with prices being so high now, that isn’t always an option. 

Some of the things you can do to keep warm and save include:

  • Using a hot water bottle
  • Layering up 
  • Putting your heating on a timer
  • Draught proof windows
  • Close doors 
  • Bleed your radiators to make them run more efficiently

Save on your water 

Your water bill is another large expenditure in every household. It’s used for washing, cleaning pots and drinking. If you cut back on your usage, however, you could save yourself a fortune. According to research done by bathroom specialists The Bathroom Showroom you could save this much by doing the following:

  • Showering for 4 minutes instead of 8 can save up to £110 per person each year
  • Turning off the tap whilst you brush your teeth could save £205 per year
  • Stop bathing in your large tub. This could save around £1015 per year 

Cancel subscriptions you don’t use 

It seems as though everyone has subscriptions these days – especially with streaming sites. This could be Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+ but if you aren’t using them much then why keep them? Cancel your subscriptions and save heaps of cash every month. Plus, if a show comes back on that you want to watch then you can simply reopen an account. 

Choose cheaper supermarkets

The cost of purchasing necessities like food has also risen with inflation which means it may be time to switch to a cheaper option. Shops like Aldi or Lidl are renowned for offering great food at more favourable prices.


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