Using Interior Design to Reflect Personal Style 

When you decide to do some intentional interior design and make a home truly your own, the first impulse can be to do everything at once. What sometimes happens, however, is that a space becomes overcrowded, either with literally too much furniture or too many eye-catching details that don’t all work together.

One of the best ways to make sure your dream home reflects your personal style is to stick with the “less is more” principle and regularly switch out things for the seasons or for particular moments in your year that are special, like birthdays.

Make a Color Palette For Your Personal Taste

One of the first ways to make sure that you choose items that will both reflect your style and will be harmonious and nice to look at is to learn a bit of color theory. Certain hues go well with other colors, and clash with others, and by choosing one of the typical color schemes you can prioritize the colors that matter to you and narrow down your options to things that will look great together. If you want to experiment, try a color palette generator like this one.

When you create your own color pellet for your home, you should incorporate decor items like textiles, sculptures, plants, etc. Keep the concept simple and clean, making it a priority to select the right objects to match your style and personality. As the color and shape of flowers can be influenced by the season, you can purchase a weekly or monthly flower subscription. This way you can match the color and shape of the flowers with other elements in your decoration.

Opt for Simplicity and Neutrals for Items You Care Less About

Even if you’re naturally a bold person, picking simple neutral items that will last for a long time can be a good strategy for your designs. The theory is that a tasteful, timeless room can be dressed up with throw pillows, decorations on the mantle, blankets, and more to make it fit this month or this season, but a room that is always loud, bold colors is harder to rotate or personalize to a given moment. 

Let Art Lead the Splashes of Bold in a Room

Another great path is to use some of your decorating ideas in the wall art – there are so many artists and so much wall art is now incredibly affordable that you can make a room look amazing and fit every single piece to your personal tastes. If you already own art that you are in love with, consider using art pieces as the focal point for a room and let the colors of it guide the pops of color throughout the room, creating a beautiful and unique look. 

Too Much to Love? Cycle Out Some Decor

Many of us accumulate treasures over the years that we love to display, but eventually there are just too many for a display shelf here or the mantlepiece there. Instead of displaying everything, start storing items that work well together in a tote that you can easily pull out once a year, so you can rotate your items. Your home will always look great but guests will never know when they’ll see a new treasure for the first time. This is a great way to display multiple items you love even if they clash with each other. Also, if you end up selling your home at some point, you’ll be glad you were already so organized, since everything has a storage place ready to go!


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