Which House Shape Is the Most Energy-Efficient?

Reducing energy consumption is an important consideration for everyone across the globe. It’s not just the environmental impact of excessive energy use. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has pushed the price of energy up, placing huge amounts of stress on people as they fight to cover the additional costs. 

Naturally, this has led to people looking at ways to save energy. Getting as much insulation as possible into your home can make a big difference to your energy usage. However, it can be even more beneficial if you have the right shape home.

If you’re considering building your own place then it’s time you talked to the custom home builders Melbourne about a dome-shaped house. 

Why The Dome Is A Good Option

Dome-shaped houses have wide bases and no distinctive corners. As corners and other frames are the most common places for heat loss, eliminating the corners automatically reduces the amount of heat a home can lose. 

The key to this is wind movement. From the outside, a dome-shaped house offers no resistance to wind. It simply flows over and around the home without any issues. This means that the air pressure inside the house remains constant and there is no need for outside air to find a way in. In short, warmed air can stay in the house without cooling air getting in. 

Alongside this, the air movement inside the house is constant. It doesn’t move into a corner and get stuck, increasing the likelihood of it finding a way out. 

It can also help to add a cupola to the top of the dome-shaped house. This encourages ventilation, allowing the air to circulate better and improving the energy efficiency.

The Igloo

An igloo is designed as a dome with a short tunnel entrance. This design reflects the ability of domes to maintain warmth. Of course, this ability is enhanced by the thick snow walls making it potentially the most energy-efficient home on the planet. 

Cube-Shaped Houses

Cube-shaped houses are not as good as domes for energy efficiency but they are a close second. 

A cube-shaped house doesn’t offer a way to reduce air movement inside and outside of the home or a dome to improve ventilation and keep the house cool. Instead, it offers practicality and simplicity. It’s this that helps it to be energy efficient.

Of course, the smaller the cube home the better. Because it’s a cube it is surprisingly easy to heat. The air can move in a carefully controlled direction to warm the house effectively. Reasonable levels of insulation compliment the simple design to ensure that the warmth or coolness is retained as desired. 

Additional Benefit 

A dome-shaped home is the best option for energy efficiency. But, it also offers several other benefits. This includes a unique and attractive design, making it look attractive on any street. Perhaps more impressive is the strength of the building. Dome-shaped houses can withstand hurricanes and other extreme weather events. It’s potentially the house of the future. 


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