6 Factors Affecting the Cost of Wedding Venues in Calgary

You should be aware of several things about venue pricing prior to choosing your wedding venue because it’s a major item on your budget for the big day. Check out this guide about Calgary wedding venues, how to reduce your wedding venue costs, how to choose a wedding venue, and what factors affect the price! 

1. The date of the wedding

It is normal for wedding venues in Calgary, particularly during the peak season (May, September, October), weekends, and evenings, to charge a higher rental fee and a higher fee per person than during other times. For this reason, if you’re looking to save a little money, consider having your wedding during the off-season, such as November and March.

2. The number of guests you’re inviting 

A luxury hotel or other high-end wedding venue usually offers several banquet halls and areas where you can hold an outdoor wedding reception, as well as several areas for the ceremony. Each hall, poolside space, and outdoor setting can hold a different number of people. In general, the more guests and the larger the space, the higher the expenses.

According to the space size, rental rates may differ if you’re booking a particular area. Ultimately, the cost of the venue will depend on how many guests you have if you’re looking to book the site, as well as the catering they offer since it will be priced per person.  

3. Add-ons 

Are you just going to book the venue, or will you also make use of additional services the venue offers like food and drink, rentals, or entertainment? The choice you make will determine whether the wedding venue you choose will cost more or less. 

  • Parking – Check with the on-site coordinator if parking is included in the final cost or if it’s an added expense. Don’t forget to inquire about Valet services and how much they cost. 
  • Rentals – Every reception site must have a lighting system, tables, and chairs with covers, along with a sound system. Make sure you get a deal that includes these rentals with the event manager. 
  • Catering – If you plan to use the venue’s food & drink services, you’ll need to know how much tableware, equipment, and servers will cost.
  • Decor – For an additional fee, ask your venue manager if they will handle the decoration of the wedding venue. You can check out photos of past decor if they provide that kind of assistance. It would be best also to incorporate modern and trendy displays such as wedding hashtags wherein you can get some ideas for this from a free wedding hashtag generator

4. Accommodation for guests 

There is a growing trend among couples to reserve rooms in hotel blocks at the wedding venue for their guests who are travelling from out of town, depending on the availability of rooms. Choosing a resort or hotel as a venue for your wedding is going to be more expensive if you are planning on booking rooms for your nearest and dearest. 

5. The location of the wedding venue 

The price you will have to pay when you choose a wedding venue that is in a prominent location is likely to be higher than if you choose one in a less prominent location. The venues for weddings are located in various locations in the city, such as those near the airport as well as those in the city center. This is especially so when it comes to venues that are ideal for destination weddings, such as a resort on the beach or a seaside venue. If you’re considering a destination wedding and want to make the planning process more simple and hassle-free, there are destination wedding planners like Paradise Weddings who can assist you every step of the way.

6. Costs associated with logistics 

Inquire with your event coordinator if there is a fee for storing your items. Especially in cases where you are hiring separate wedding decorators and entertainment teams, this point becomes even more relevant. In the post-wedding cleaning process, the venue is to be emptied of all furnishings rented, decorations, props, and sound systems used by the wedding DJs and other performers during the wedding ceremony. 

In the case that the vendors are unable to pick up the items immediately after the event, they have to store them overnight for them to pick up the next day. It is recommended that you arrange a meeting with your suppliers and the event coordinator on-site if you have any questions or concerns regarding these matters so that you can clarify the situation with them. 

Having learned what factors contribute to the cost of wedding venues in Calgary, you will be able to choose the perfect one by keeping these things in mind as you go about your wedding venue search. Hope you have a good time on your hunt. Best wishes for one of the most wonderful days of your life!


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