Great Ideas To Help You Use Different Types of Hair Curlers

Hair curlers are a great way to change your style, adding a gentle wave, light bounce, or full-on curl. It can make your hair feel glamorous, inspiring you to try something different. However, while hair curlers are great, you may not realize there are different types.

Using different ones can help you to create different looks and styles for all occasions. Before you start, it is worth taking a look at some of the best hair curlers currently available (Check them out here). Having the right tool for the job makes it much easier to get the perfect result. 

The Standard Rectangular Barrel Curler 

In fact, the standard barrel doesn’t exist, there are various different sizes of barrels. 

  • 10mm

The 10mm barrel is the thinnest of all the hair curlers and it is the perfect choice if you want to create a tight curl. Tight curls can move through your hair and add volume. They can also be used at the tips to create an added flair.

It’s a great choice if you need to dress up for a special occasion and look your glamorous best. 

  • 19mm

This is the barrel that most people choose as it’s the most common. The 19mm barrel is actually a good choice as it offers a variety of options. It’s possible to get tight curls, (although not as tight as with the 10mm barrel). All you have to do is curl a small amount of hair at a time.

But, what this size curler really excels at is creating the beachy wave. Simply curl your hair in sections and wrap them around the curler as you move it toward your face. 

  • 22mm

If you want to go big and impress everyone with a cascade of curls then the 22mm barrel is the right choice. It will glide through your hair, adding light and bouncy curls, ensuring you create the right look and won’t easily be forgotten.

The 22mm barrel is one of the easiest to use, making it the perfect option for your first-time curling. 

  • 25mm

The 25mm barrel is usually the largest you can find. It doesn’t so much curl your hair as it does add waves. If you want the surfer look then this curler is a perfect choice. You won’t get tight curls but you will get a natural-looking wave which frames your face perfectly.

It’s a great choice for lazy days and informal events. 

Remember Heat Is Damaging

Heat dries out your hair, making it brittle, dull, and prone to split ends. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the curlers. But, you should invest in a quality set that has heat control. This will allow you to keep the heat to a minimum: just enough to get the job done. 

It’s also a good idea to use curlers with ceramic plates as these are better at distributing heat and reduce the risk of damaging your hair. 

Naturally, to ensure you can always get the perfect look you’ll want to invest in several hair curlers….


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