Workplace Wellness: 5 Benefits of a Virtual Commute for Remote Workers

Working remotely is commonplace these days, but even the best virtual offices can’t ensure that those working remotely can switch on and off at the right times during their working day. This is where the virtual commute comes in, which is essentially anything that enables you to get into or out of work mode. It could be meditation, a home office tidy and prep routine, a self-care regime – whatever works. 

At the moment, this step might not seem essential to you, but the following five benefits of a virtual commute for remote workers might just change your mind: 

1. Make Boundaries

While many people must use social media for work-related reasons, far too many of us are distracted by social media when working from home. That is where virtual commuting can save the day. It provides boundaries that allow you to focus on work and keep away from distractions until a planned break or the end of the workday. It’s a way to tell your brain, “now is the time to work, not to swipe.”

2. Another String to Your WFH Bow

It’s good to have a morning routine as a person who works from home, and a virtual commute is a great extra detail to add to that routine. In fact, for some people, their morning routine *is* their virtual commute. A bit of yoga, dropping the kids off at school, and a nutritional breakfast – these are all brilliant morning routine actions that contribute to the beginning of a productive day working from home. 

3. A Chance to Switch Off 

Around 50% of people say they struggle to switch off from work, and if that is you, having any method of switching off and on is a great idea, especially the switching off part. No matter how fantastic your career is or how much more money you want to make, if you don’t put yourself first, you may burn out. Though it’s shockingly easy to slip into, a state of burnout is difficult to recover from once you’re there. So, use your virtual commute to ensure you never get detoured into this disaster zone. 

4. Get into a Virtual Working Zone

Unfortunately, 26% of remote workers don’t have a personal space for work at home. That can create many challenges, especially with distractions around you like kids, pets, and the fact that you’re working in areas you use for leisure. 

Different scents to signify working time, a simple ‘workstation’ setup, and even a change of clothes can all be part of a virtual commute. Such actions help create a strong sense of ‘working time’ that you can easily reverse when the day is over. While you get to call this your “commute,” setting up a scent diffuser is far more enjoyable than sitting in traffic!

5. Allow Socialisation

Around 20% of remote workers say they struggle with loneliness, and most people who work remotely can testify, at least to some degree, to isolation coming with the job description. Thankfully, the virtual commute is a fantastic tool for reducing loneliness. It stops you from feeling like the whole day blurs into one big mess of work. The virtual commute also encourages you to log off, spend time with family and friends, and perhaps enjoy a virtual after-work drink with colleagues. 

Virtual Commute Your Way to Wellness

Are you ready to try creating a virtual commute? It could be precisely what you need to be a more prosperous, fulfilled, and productive remote worker. 


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