Trendiest Short Hairstyles for Women

Short hairstyles for ladies attract attention for all the right reasons. A short haircut is unanticipated and reveals the facial elements of a lady as excellent compared to any other type of haircut. Short hair is generally light and gives you a standout look. The best thing is that there is a myriad of options you can choose from.

Ladies get bored easily by rocking the same type of hairstyle for a long time, and the wide variety of short hairstyles allows them to rock various hairstyles whenever they want. In addition to having a long list to choose from, these hairstyles are low maintenance and, therefore, save time on routine maintenance every morning. Take a look at some styles we have for you here. 

1. Blonde Contrast Hairstyle

The superb contrast in this haircut makes it unique and gives it fantastic sophistication. This hairstyle resembles a pixie cut but with continuous sideburns and a beautiful finish.

2. Classic Short Black Bob

You will always hammer it right with this black bob. Including some beautiful waves to the fringe makes this style one of the mysterious looks for short hairstyles for ladies. When you match it with a shoulder-less top, you will surely be a show-stopper.

3. Super Blonde Messy and Side Bangs

Gorgeous bleached blonde manes that every lady can achieve easily. It combines the three best hairstyles a lady can have; bob, blonde, and pixie. A little messiness, and you are all set for the beach or an evening dinner with your girlfriends.

4. Short Bob Haircut with Waves

When you observe this haircut from the back, you will know why the waves are the best for short haircuts.

5. Ombre Style With Messy Hair

 The ombre styles never go out of version, and that is for sure. In this haircut, the hair is styled messy with dark roots. 

6. Short Wavy Bob

Why not choose to include an additional layer to your wavy bob? A simple bun takes this hairstyle to a new higher level, and it is an excellent way to reduce weight from the bottom half of your head. 

7. Shaggy Style With A Bun

This hairstyle for women is beautiful. The hair is kept short and dyed dark platinum. In addition, a bun is added at the top for an excellent style. This is a combination of cuts that was excellently executed.

8. Platinum Bob and A Top Bun

Most short hairstyles rely on color for an excellent style. The coloring of hair is currently gaining a lot of traction, and even men are opting for colors. When it comes to colors, the universal best shade is platinum, and the reason is apparent. This shade is sophisticated, and when you include dark roots, you make an appealing piece of art.

9. Classic Short Bob and Wing

This haircut has been there for quite a while, and we don’t see it going anywhere any soon like others in the past. My mum has rocked this haircut for as long as I can recall. Not because she didn’t like other styles but because this style is hard to leave once you try it.

10. Platinum and Magenta Combo Semi-Curled

Magenta and platinum give you an excellent color combination than you could imagine. It is one of the classic hairstyles for women that will make you stand out from the crowd. It is flashy and cute.

11. Street Style Hairstyle with Blonde Shade

The name at first might scare you, but when you wear it is when you actually understand the magic in this haircut for women. The blonde added in this cut does require a lot of explanation. You can rock it to a date, mall, or in the street, as the name suggests.

12. Silver Modern Blunt Bob

Of all hairstyles for women we have looked at so far, this probably is something familiar to you. It offers both worlds. It provides some length while remaining true to the short style’s philosophy. It is short and sweet. This trendy takes on standard bobs is a classic example of how bobs can transform your looks.


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