Cowboy Fashion: Get Ready for the Countryside with These Iconic Aussie Brands

Are you tired from the hectic and demanding city life and looking for a tranquil getaway in the country? Whether you enjoy long treks or horse riding, a breath of fresh rural air will leave you feeling energised and prepared to return to your hectic routine.

So what should you pack? Without a doubt, you need to look good. But you should also be dressed in a way that enables you to move around the beautiful but challenging surroundings safely and comfortably. After all, the countryside is very different from the city. And the following Australian-owned brands have just the pieces to ensure you look good and feel good.

Get the Country Look with Thomas Cook

Are you worried that you’ll look like having a costume on your countryside trip? Then Tomas Cook is just the brand for you. Thomas Cook clothing is available to assist you if you wish to rock western fashion in a contemporary manner without appearing to be a young John Wayne. The apparel this company makes is very different from the ornately decorated western clothing of the past.

Cook’s clothing adds just the perfect dose of Western flair. It is country-inspired but elegant. Whether riding a horse, working with cattle, visiting the Outback, or running errands in the city, Thomas Cook’s clothing and footwear will help you look your best.

Whatever your needs are, you can easily shop Thomas Cook apparel online thanks to the brand’s network of distributors. The wide selection of lightweight, breathable tops and bottoms will keep you cool and comfortable under the scorching Australian weather for activities in the summer. Additionally, there’s a range of windproof and waterproof outer layers to keep you warm as the temperatures drop.

Then there’s the denim range. You can wear denim in various ways, making it a country-western staple appropriate for every occasion. If it’s a formal occasion, choose dark denim that falls freely down your legs and has discreet stitching, like the Tailored Fit Ashley Denim Jeans in deep blue. This pair can be effortlessly dressed up with a stylish button-up and a jacket or worn down for everyday use with a t-shirt.

Nothing shouts cowboy like bootcut jeans, so if you want to add to your western style, check out the brand’s range. Although this type of jeans fits comfortably over cowboy boots, you can also wear them with other shoes. Put on the retro 20X Boot Cut jeans to unleash your inner cowboy.

The Oilskin Sherpa Vest is a favourite among many daring adventurers. With this versatile garment, you can modify your attire to reflect the day’s weather. Layer it over sweaters, rugbies, or shirts to protect you from the cold without losing comfort or freedom of mobility. The Sherpa vest’s natural fabrics enable it to breathe well and resist the elements.

Browse the versatile selection of Thomas Cook apparel online or in-person to discover what you require. You’ll have a tonne of options when it comes to tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, and accessories.

Cook has come to be associated with the Australian Outback and is now a recognisable symbol of authentic Australian culture. The brand has developed its identity through centuries of tradition imprinted deeply within the spirit of the bush. It is a symbol of endurance, mateship, and nature.

Be Cowboy Chic from AM to PM with RM Williams 

When it comes to legendary Aussie country-western footwear, RM Williams cowboy boots stand out without a doubt. The fact that RM Williams boots consist of a continuous piece of sturdy leather flawlessly stitched together in the back sets them apart from other manufacturers.

In addition, the Adelaide factory’s production of the boots is entirely manual. One pair is produced over a week using over 80 separate manual procedures. The pair won’t be sold if it doesn’t pass the quality inspection performed by two different bootmen. 

These boots were created in the 1930s by RM Williams, who sought to provide country workers, horseback riders, and outdoor enthusiasts with a shoe that they could easily put on and that would protect them from hard situations. And RMW boots continue to be made for the same purpose today.

They are entirely waterproof because of the sturdy leather. Additionally, they have a durable rubber sole that is non-slip, and resistant to heat, acid, and oil, providing the ideal platform for moving through various terrains.

But their heavy-duty design doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish too. Whether in the centre of Melbourne’s CBD or out in the country, the timeless RMW design will make you look stunning. Due to the boots’ simplicity, you may wear them with both a suit and jeans. Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, and Daniel Craig have all been spotted wearing these boots, which are growing in popularity.

Akubra – The Hat That Makes Heads Turn

People in the city rarely venture outside during the daytime. And when they do, they often wander in the shadows of the huge skyscrapers. On the other hand, you’ll get plenty of suns out in the country. Because of this, it’s crucial to protect oneself with a high-quality hat and sunscreen.

The Akubra Western-style hat is synonymous with Australian rural life. These hats are constructed of the highest-grade rabbit fur to ensure longevity while remaining lightweight and protective. The Akubra is water-resistant in addition to shielding your eyes from the sun, making it a fantastic option for all kinds of weather.

In 1874, Benjamin Dunkerley created the first version of this hat. Dunkerley’s hat-making company was very successful, and in 1912 it took the brand name Akubra. The hat immediately became the top choice for most people working and living in the countryside since it was made from high-quality rabbit fur felt and was weather-resistant. And that still holds today.

While still making traditional Akubra hats, the business has moved its focus to creating more contemporary styles that come in various colours embellished with several distinctive bands. The hats are still produced utilising the same 11-step production process as in the past, despite the stylish update.


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