IGY6 Tattoo: Meaning, Ideas, Placement, Font, Pros, and Cons

The IGY6 tattoo is popular among those who have served in the military. In short, it stands for “I got your six” which means “I got your back.” The tattoo can also feature a semi-colon and certain colors to enrich and expand its meaning.

What Is a IGY6 Tattoo?

IGY6 stands for “I got your six” which means “I got your back.” An IGY6 tattoo is a tattoo of those the letters IGY and the number six in a clean row. In many cases, it also has a semi-colon before the “I.” It’s an acronym popular in the military to showcase how members have each others’ backs.

People will get this tattoo as a show of camaraderie and companionship for soldiers, as well as support for those who have faced challenges like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sexual assault, and other trying events.

Source: Chris Murray.

IGY6 Tattoo Meaning: Solidarity and Support

What does IGY6 tattoo mean? The IGY6 tattoo represents loyalty, support, and camaraderie. It symbolizes having someone’s back, supporting veterans and active duty members, raising awareness for PTSD, sexual assault, depression, anxiety, and promoting suicide prevention.

At a very high level, the IGY6 tattoo is a way for military members to show support for one another. It originated with the United States military, though sometimes cops and other organizations utilize the phrase. While this may seem simple at first glance, there are a few key concepts with this tattoo.

1. I Got Your Six, I Got Your Back

“I Got Your Six” refers to 6:00. Those who served during World War 1 would often refer to the rear of a warplane as 6:00. So if you’re standing in the middle of a clock facing 12:00, 6:00 is at your back. That’s why “I Got Your Six” means translates to “I Got Your Back.” It can also be a way to say I have you covered and I am loyal to you.

2. Support for Veterans and Active Duty Members

The IGY6 tattoo is a way to show that you’re associated with the military and stand by others who are still serving or who have served. It offers a sense of support and companionship to help combat the sense of isolation and loneliness many face when they return home from duty.

3. PTSD and Sexual Assault Awareness

Some people use the IGY6 mark to show their advocacy for PTSD and sexual assault survivors who have served or who are serving in the military. You’ll often see this tattoo done with teal accents or with a teal ribbon to showcase awareness for PTSD and sexual assault.

4. Depression and Anxiety Awareness

The IGY6 tattoo can also show awareness for depression and anxiety associated with service. Members of the military are highly susceptible to mental health concerns so the tattoo helps get people talking and connecting to seek support and resources.

5. Suicide Prevention

Suicide is also a major concern for those in the military and for veterans. This tattoo connects those who have served helping combat feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. If this symbolism means a lot to you, you may consider an IGY6 tattoo with a semi-colon.

IGY6 Tattoo Ideas and Designs

IGY6 tattoos often include other symbols, accents, colors, and details to convey additional meaning. For example, you may add a semi-colon, the number 22, a flower, or a special quote. Below are some popular designs and their associated meanings.

1. ;IGY6 Tattoo (IGY6 With a Semicolon)

Source: Kevin Lee.

Semi-colon tattoos are often a symbol of ideated or attempted suicide. Like how semi-colons are used as an alternative to a period that ends a sentence, it shows that someone could have ended their life but chose not to. It may also show that someone simply went through hardship and overcame it with strength.

Members of the military may get an ;IGY6 tattoo to show that they experienced something similar or that they have the backs of others who have dealt with mental-health-related struggles.

2. Military IGY6 Tattoo Like the IGY6 Flag Tattoo

Source: Jared Henry.

IGY6 tattoos accompanied by an American flag show pride for one’s country and support for those who have fought for America. The flag may be placed in the background of the IGY6 text or alongside it. Some may also choose to do a large IGY6 outline with a stars-and-stripes flag pattern filling the letters and number.

3. IGY6 22 Tattoo

Source: Blessed Ink.

Similar to the semi-colon tattoo, the IGY6 tattoo shows awareness for the 22 members of the military who die from suicide each day. A popular design is getting the IGY6 in a vertical line with a 2 on the left side and another 2 on the ride side to incorporate the number 22 within the IGY6 acronym.

4. IGY6 With a Heart

You may also consider an IGY6 22 tattoo design where the 22 is positioned in the shape of a heart. With this design, the first 2 is backward, so when placed together, the 2s look like a heart with an underline. You may also just get the IGY6 with a heart shape to show your love for someone who has served.

5. IGY6 with Dog Tags

Source: Ink’d Gunz Tattoo.

Dog tags are another common design incorporated into IGY6 tattoos. Dog tags are often used as a way to identify those in the military who have been wounded or killed. This tattoo shows that when a comrade is at their most vulnerable, the wearer still has their back.

6. IGY6 With a Poppy Flower

Source: Sugg Street Tattoo.

Poppy flowers have a specific meaning in the military. They symbolize remembrance, honor, and sacrifice from a fallen soldier. You may get an IGY6 tattoo with a poppy in honor of a veteran who passed away during service.

7. IGY6 With Quote Tattoo

Another popular take on the IGY6 tattoo is adding a quote. For example, you may get an IGY6 inked on your skin along with the quote “not all wounds are visible” to emphasize how members of the military may not have visible injuries but they could be dealing with internal challenges, such as mental health concerns.

IGY6 Tattoo Placement

The IGY6 tattoo can be placed anywhere on your body. Because it is simple, it can be big or small, allowing for placement on larger and smaller areas of the body. One of the most common placements is on your forearm, though other popular areas are the back and shoulder. Consider how visible you want your tattoo to be and what makes the most sense for your preferences.

  • Forearm: An IGY6 tattoo on the forearm can be more visible and provide a larger canvas for the design.
  • Shoulder: An IGY6 tattoo on the shoulder is a good option for those who want a larger design that can be easily covered up when needed.
  • Back: An IGY6 tattoo on the upper back can be a good choice for those who want a larger design with more detail.

IGY6 Tattoo Font

You can ultimately get an IGY6 tattoo in any font you want, including something customized. However, popular designs include something in bold typeface, similar to fonts you would see used in the military. You may also see cursive fonts or large fonts with just an outline that allows for different fill colors and patterns.

  • Bold: A bold font can create a strong and impactful look for your IGY6 tattoo. This can be especially effective for a small tattoo, such as on the wrist or forearm.
  • Script: A cursive or script font can add a more elegant and flowing feel to your IGY6 tattoo. This can be a good choice for a larger design or if you want to add other elements, such as a heart or a semicolon.
  • Military-inspired: You could consider using a font that is inspired by military stencil lettering to create a more traditional military look to your IGY6 tattoo. This can be particularly appropriate if you have a personal connection to the military.

IGY6 Tattoo Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of getting an IGY6 tattoo will vary from person to person. Pros of an IGY6 tattoo may include:


  • It’s a common tattoo design that can connect you with others.
  • There are many ways to customize the design with different fonts, accents, colors, and add-ons.
  • It can be very small and simple, helping reduce the pain and cost associated with tattoos.
  • Because of its simplicity, there’s a wide range of placement options.
  • The acronym is well-known and recognized by others in the military.


  • It’s very popular so you may share the tattoo with many others.
  • Some people may not understand the tattoo and could question you about it.
  • You may not want the cost, pain, discomfort, and care associated with getting a tattoo.

To Conclude

If you’re intrigued by the IGY6 tattoo, take its meaning into consideration. Explore popular placements and consider what design you would like to make this tattoo your own. If the symbolism resonates with you, it could be the perfect choice for some new ink.

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