Introducing Fidget Rings: History, Uses, and Types of This Peculiar Ornament

Have you ever wondered why some people can’t seem to stop playing with their rings, especially when they are in an uncomfortable situation? The answer may lie in the type of ring they are wearing.

As the name suggests, a fidget ring is a special type of ring worn on your finger that can be tapped, twisted, or spun so that you can absent-mindedly fidget with it.

Besides being called a fidget ring, it also goes by other names, such as worry ring or spinner ring, depending on the use and the type of fidget mechanism it has.

History of Fidget Rings

Some of the earliest mentions of spinner rings in written history date back to the days of Ancient Tibet. During that time, they were used as part of Tibetan meditation practices.

Tibetan monks are well known for their ability to remain in a state of deep meditation for hours or even days on hand. It appears that one of the tricks they used to accomplish such levels of spirituality was by having one or two fidget rings.

Back then, the Tibetan fidget rings had lines of sacred texts engraved on them to help the monks recite their prayers during their meditation.

Common Uses Of Fidget Rings

Spinner rings are used for a variety of things, such as helping one to concentrate better. However, for most people who wear fidget rings, the goal is to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Worry rings help the user to focus on other things (in this case fidgeting) rather than on the main source of their anxiety. Playing with the spinner ring continuously produces a calming effect that can help one achieve the confidence and mental clarity needed to overcome problems.

Some people also use fidget rings as toys to play with and help pass the time. This is not common though, as the fidget ring is mainly considered a great way to avoid anxiety attacks.

Different Types of Worry Rings

Fidget rings come in many styles and types and are chosen based on what the wearer is most comfortable playing with. They can be quite noticeable in some cases, while others prefer a minimalist design that allows them to fidget with their ring as discreetly as possible.

The stacked fidget ring is quite popular, which is made up of what looks like two or three rings but is actually just one. Furthermore, the user can play around with the different layers of the ring, interchanging them one over the other to help keep them distracted.

Another common type is the spinner ring which usually has a section of the ring that can easily be spun around using the fingers, thus giving the user something to continuously play with.

Some worry rings have little balls loosely attached along their length, which allows the user to roll them around in a satisfying way without drawing attention to their fidgeting.

Lastly, some fidget rings not only have one of the above mechanisms but also incorporate some type of engraving or symbol that holds a deeper meaning to the user. This allows them to remain focused on a particular belief or idea for as long as they remain fidgeting with the ring.


The fact that fidget rings have been around for so long and are used by many different cultures is a sign that they actually do work.

It is not uncommon for patients suffering from severe anxiety to be advised to use a worry ring to help ease their stress. 

Taking your mind off a difficult issue certainly helps to relieve anxiety and one of the best ways to do that is using a fidget ring. There are so many different options to choose from that anyone can give it a try.


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