A Major Style Piece With A Green Diamond Ring 

Jewelry is often the factor that completes one’s look. It is the finishing touch- the cherry on top. 

It is what gives flavor to the whole clothing ensemble so it makes complete sense that it should be a piece like no other. 

In the world of diamonds, if you want to stand out from the rest, an excellent option is green diamond. 

Continue reading to learn more about this truly unique gem that can be an outstanding centerpiece for a ring. Such pieces are readily available in bespoke jewelry shops such as Astteria

But before you purchase one, it is ideal to know essential details about this mesmerizing colored diamond first. 

Green Diamond Ring: Overview Of How It’s Made

The process of making a diamond ring starts with selecting the primary stone or also known as the centrepiece. In this case, we are going to pick a piece of green diamond. The accompanying pieces also need to be chosen and this can be several or more pieces of tiny clear diamonds or even other types of gemstones. 

A type of wax is used to create a mold which will then serve as the exact model of the ring. Upon reaching its final shape, the carving is done in a metal flask where plaster-like material is poured. 

Once solid, it is placed in a special oven for the final form to take. 

A green diamond ring can come in many shapes and cuts. It also has several undertones or hues that will affect the intensity of the primary color. So it is extremely important that before you purchase one, thorough research is conducted. 

What Makes A Greed Diamond Ring One Of A Kind? 

Coming across a green diamond ring is not something that occurs every day. This is because the colored diamond itself is one of the rarest diamonds to ever exist

The exposure to radioactivity and atomic radiation over the course of millions of years is what gives a green diamond its hue. A very rare and hard-to-find colored diamond is the outcome of an exceptionally unusual formation process.

Expert jewelers consider green diamonds to be extremely rare, so purchasing this colored gemstone gives you luxury like no other

Why Should You Consider A Green Diamond Ring? 

The price of a green diamond ring can be determined by several factors. Jewelers, however, have a very particular test in determining the value of a green diamond. 

A procedure known as Origin of Color is also used to establish whether a green diamond is man-made or natural.

The scarcity of natural green diamonds is a significant reason for their greater price, but there are also a few other factors to take into account.

With that being said, a green diamond ring can be an exquisite gift for yourself or for a special person in your life. With how rare and valuable it is, it would make an amazing addition to a jewelry collection and an investment you can expect to increase in value as the years go by. 

Final Thoughts 

Green diamond rings can be rare, but well-known jewelry makers like Astteria have them readily available for purchase. You may also request for custom-made pieces so it becomes truly unique and one-of-a-kind piece. 


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