8 Tips to Reduce Energy Use In The Kitchen

Energy is a crucial part of every home. It is used for lighting homes, cooking food, giving power to major appliances, and much more. But, not to mention, excessive energy consumption can get really harmful to the environment. Luckily, there are ways to reduce energy consumption. In this article, we will discuss how to support the environment by choosing to have energy-efficient kitchens. 

How To Reduce Energy Use In The Kitchen?

Reducing household energy use is imperative for the environment. Here, we will discuss the ways how to reduce energy consumption in your kitchen:

1. Select Energy Efficient Products

 One major step that you need to take here is selecting energy-efficient appliances. The highest possible rating for an energy-efficient product is A+++, and the lowest is F or G, with a considerable energy-saving difference. In most cases, new appliances such as cookers will be A+ or higher. However, regular usage of appliances will make them less efficient after a certain period of time.

From the above statement, you must make sure to replace your appliances timely. You can go through the various appliance guides to know their actual lifespan. 

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2. Go For The Right Appliances Size 

With the emerging technology, kitchen appliances like dishwashers, fridges, and cookers have become more energy efficient. But, the increase in the average fridge and washing machine drum size can cancel the energy savings. You should take the appliance as per the requirement. 

3. Never Keep The Appliances on Standby 

While you can’t switch off the fridges or chest freezers, you can still save energy by turning off other appliances. The dishwasher, microwave, and electric oven can eat up all the electricity if you keep them on standby. Ensure to switch them off whenever these appliances are not in use. 

If you are still facing problems with the appliances, then, it’s the time to invest in a home warranty. Having it on your side will reduce the risk of expensive and untimely repairs. Leading home warranty companies can help in proper maintenance and even save time on your hand. 

4. Save Energy Even When You Cook 

You will need to ensure that your food preparation methods don’t affect the food’s quality, but some ways will help you save energy.Surprisingly, using a microwave will help in energy saving than heating small chunks of food. 

Here are some of the methods that you can use to save energy while cooking:

  • Choose to heat water in a kettle. Pour the boiling water into a pan once the water is already boiled
  • Ensure to cover all your pans and pots while cooking 
  • Turn the heat for 2 mins before the food is completely cooked 
  • Never open the oven door repeatedly. You can take a thorough look at the food from the glass door

5. Save Energy While You Freeze Food 

You can save energy by making sure the fridge works appropriately, here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Don’t put hot food in the fridge or freeze it, ensure to cool it down and then keep it inside
  • Regular defrosting of the fridge or freezer will help 
  • Don’t keep the door open for a longer time as it will take more energy for the fridge to keep things cool
  • Ensure that you keep at least a 10cm gap behind the fridge. It will help to make the heat flow much easier

6. Defrost Before You Cook

Plan before and defrost your frozen food, thus, reducing the energy which would have been used by the microwave or oven. 

7. Air Dry Your Dishes 

Instead of using the dishwasher to dry your dishes, you should dry them the old way. You should air-dry by taking them out of your dishwasher. 

8. Select Your Burner 

Using a burner too large for your small base pan will waste energy. If there are a limited number of burners, turn the flame down so that it doesn’t escape through the edges. 

Bonus Tip

Just turning the running water off while washing the dishes will help in saving over 8 gallons of water. You can position trees around your home and in your backyard. Carefully positioning the trees around your house will also help cut down the HVAC use. 

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There are many professional services that can help in the conversion of energy. Going for regular maintenance will increase the appliance life span, thus causing a reduction in dump waste. 

Limiting energy use will reduce greenhouse gas emissions massively. If you follow the above tips, you will be able to conserve energy. 


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