6 Fun and Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Favorite Jewelry

Jewelry is a beautiful compliment to an outfit, but no one says you have to hide it away when the party’s over. There’s no reason why your pearl earrings, diamond necklace, or alexandrite ring has to stay in your drawer. In fact, we believe jewelry should be celebrated and on display!

Proper jewelry storage serves multiple purposes. For one, it ensures your pieces aren’t torn, pulled, tarnished, damaged, or lost. For another, it preserves your jewelry’s beauty for decades. 

But choosing the right storage option isn’t the only way to celebrate your favorite pieces. There are plenty of creative ways to show off your jewelry to guests and admire them for yourself when they’re gone. Whether you’re practical or artistic, this list should have something for you.

How to Celebrate Your Favorite Jewelry Pieces at Home

It doesn’t matter if your collection is made up of costume pieces or real gems; you can display them as long as you have a deep love for jewelry. 

Here’s how to celebrate your glittering jewels.

1. Hang Necklaces as an Art Piece

Some pieces of jewelry are so beautiful they belong in a museum. The World Jewelry Museum in Seoul, South Korea, truly took that concept to heart and currently displays over 3,000 jewelry pieces from 60 countries. You can have your own little jewelry museum inside your home.

Purchase an LED wall-mounted showcase that gives you the option to install a padded back. Place earrings directly into the padding and anything else (i.e., necklaces, bracelets, rings) off hooks. If you want to go above and beyond, print the name and description for each piece.

2. Create a Photo Book of Your Jewelry 

Taking photos of your jewelry is one thing, but putting your images in a professionally made book takes your admiration to a whole new level. But before you get started, brush up on your jewelry photography skills because you’ll only want the best images in your new photo book.

Did you know you don’t need to be a graphic artist to make a stunning photo book? Companies like Mixbook help creators design their books using templates. They have an article on how to create a photo book that preserves your memories, tells your story, or relieves your experiences. 

3. Paint or Draw Your Jewelry

Painting still life (or inanimate objects) is a great way to flex your art skills and put your jewelry on display without physically moving them. Objects are best painted in Alla Prima style, which involves painting in one session. This may make you uncomfortable if you’re not used to it.

On the other hand, non-painters can still get the same depth and beauty out of their jewelry by drawing, using pencil crayons, or pen and ink. Make sure you shine enough light on the jewelry, as you’ll want to draw or paint in the shadows. This is best done on a neutral white backdrop. 

4. Purchase a Jewelry Display

Jewelry displays are commonly found in jewelry shops and are used to show how a piece will sit on the body. For example, mannequin busts are perfect for displaying necklaces, whereas heads can feature earrings, tiaras, and facial piercings. Hands are great for rings and bracelets.

With that said, using foam body parts may feel a little morbid to some jewelry wearers. If you prefer to use shelves or stands, get a display that holds the piece itself. For example, an iron “T” can hold bracelets, necklaces, and rings, and padded displays can hold just about anything.

5. Use Vintage Picture Frames

If you enjoy going to thrift shops and collecting objects for your various art projects, consider picking up a few picture frames while you’re there. To make your display, you’ll need a variety of shapes and sizes, but most necklaces can display nicely in 7” (18cm) by 10.4” (28.5cm) frames.

What you do from here is up to you, but we have a few suggestions. You can put your frames on the wall as an actual piece of art, or you can set the frames up on your makeup table or vanity. The biggest frames can sit by themselves, while small frames can sit in a tray meant for rings.

6. Make an Old Ladder Display

Old wooden ladders are pretty easy to find and can be painted in any color. We recommend painting it in a shade that matches your home, so you can display it anywhere. If possible, find a ladder with thick rungs and adequate spacing. You’ll want enough room for all your necklaces.

Next, unclasp your necklaces and attach them to the rungs. You should keep your favorite jewelry at the top so they’re easy to grab. If your ladder has a large step at the bottom, you could add a jewelry box or an open ring case that gives you quick access to your things.


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