5 Creative Ideas to Help You Turn One Room into Two

Have you ever thought to carve out an extra room in your home- like a reading nook, office space, or as an entertainment zone? Regardless of the purpose, you need an additional space; fortunately, it is possible to create multifunction zones in your compact home. With simple tricks, you can easily split your room into two without having to approach a builder. 

Read along to know the innovative ideas to turn a single room into two. 

1. Consider using a decorative screen

 An ideal way to partition your room without putting in a lot of effort is by using a decorative screen. These screens with intricate Indian traditional and modern patterns add drama to your room. If you want to preserve the openness of your larger space, then go for a screen with delicate carvings. These screens will facilitate light flow in both directions, thereby ensuring continuity in both areas. 

Rather, if you want to carve out an office space then you can go for solid screens to ensure optimum privacy. There will be privateness on both sides of the screen, thus, you can easily arrange your work essentials such as office chair and table one side and cozy den on the other side. 

Especially if you work from home, a screen is definitely the better option for turning your home into a multifunctional space. It will also be less likely for your family and pets to disturb you during your work hours since they will have their own shared space. The screen may not be enough to prevent some disasters, such as kids making noise or pets peeing or pooping. Be sure to prepare some toys for your children and dog or cat diapers for your pets.

2. Go for shelving units

 Another great way to partition your room is to use a shelving unit. Whether open or closed these shelves provide an effortless multifunctional facelift to your room. By installing a shelf for room division doubles up your storage. Furthermore, you can also use it as a TV wall unit and for display purposes. However, if you want to preserve connectivity between two zones then it is better to opt for open unit shelves. Alternatively, if you want the areas to be completely secluded, a closed unit can gradually transform it into independent spaces. 

3. Fix glass partitions

 If you want to ensure the free flow of light and sound in another part of the room then it worth considering for glass partitions. The glass doors separate your room into zones without robbing it of its visual connectivity. Affix them from floor to ceiling and make them a gleaming accession between your zones. For more enchanting appeal, go for sliding doors. 

4. Recreate with elevations

 To divide your room into functional zones, elevating can be a cool option. However, when planning such elevation give priority to safety. For instance, in your bedroom, you can hoist a reading zone on an elevated platform, and use a lower area for sleeping and relaxing purpose. This is an amazing option for designating different zones in the room without disturbing the layout of the main room. 

5. Hang the curtains

 An easy yet elegant way to separate your room into two without any permanent disturbance is to use curtains. Using this idea will neither affect your interiors nor the house setup. Using translucent curtains is a superb way to divide your room while still perpetuating the visual connectivity. 

These innovative room-splitting ideas will add functionality to your compact space without compromising on your home’s beauty.  


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