Kitchen cabinets: How to choose ones that match your style and needs

Choosing adequate cabinets is not as easy as it looks and can be one of the most challenging tasks when designing your kitchen. This is because there are so many kitchen cabinet styles and colors that you might feel overwhelmed with the plenty of options you find on the market. Also, the style you want to choose for your kitchen may be hard to pick, as you can opt for something modern or traditional, but both options have advantages and disadvantages. 

Cabinets stand out the most in a kitchen, so you surely want to make a positive visual impact. But besides looks, you also need to consider functionality, as kitchen cabinets are essential for good storage and organization. However, choosing some kitchen cabinets that will match your needs is imperative.

That being said, here is a guide to help you discover the best kitchen cabinets that match your style and needs. 

Think about how you will organize your kitchen

In a kitchen, it is crucial to stay organized. This is why you should opt for cabinets with enough space to store food, utensils and appliances. You can also think about the other models of kitchens you had in the past. What did it work for you, and what didn’t? When it comes to kitchens, you need to opt for large cabinets, as there is no such thing as too much storage. 

Open shelving can be effective in small kitchen spaces, but it is better to opt for drawers with doors if you are prone to be disorganized. Also, you need to think about where you will place your appliances, like blenders and toasters. For example, pull-up cabinets are perfect to hide these appliances when they are not used. Also, these kinds of cabinets will make the cooking space look minimalistic and stylish, which is a bonus. 

Choose a style

Cabinet styles are also important, as they can do wonders for a cooking space. Kitchen cabinets are an essential element in the aesthetic of your home, as they can transform and enhance your area if you make the right choice. Also, you should pick a style for your kitchen cabinets that match the other décor in your space. Here are some of the best styles of kitchen cabinets you can opt for. 

Shaker kitchen cabinets

Shaker kitchen cabinets continue to be popular because of their timeless and versatile appeal. Shaker style will never go out of style, as they have a simple look made with clean lines and high-quality wood. Shaker cabinets have natural finishes that work in modern kitchens. They are versatile and work great with almost all countertops, appliances, flooring and backsplash. 

If you don’t know what type of cabinets to choose, shaker ones are a safe bet. Also, if you are on a budget and want to save some money, you can opt for shaker kitchen doors and replace the old ones with them. This is a simple but effective alternative, as instead of changing all your kitchen units, you can only replace the doors and revamp the look of your cooking space. 

Slab kitchen cabinets

Slab kitchen cabinets are a great option, as they can be personalized to be perfect for a range of environments. They are suitable for a simple and functional kitchen and a high-design look in vibrant or dark colors. But if you want low maintenance, choose matte finishes. They look super sleek, and it is easier to keep them clean. 

High-gloss kitchen cabinets

In modern designs, you will not find only brassy red gloss or clinical white kitchens. Instead, in the most recent trends, kitchen cabinets have beautiful neutral colors, like gray, cream, Champagne or mushroom shades. They still have the fuss-free finish and flowing lines that the high-gloss kitchens are loved for, but the soft colors are more versatile, and it is easier to live with them. 

Freestanding kitchen cabinets

For those who want a more relaxed approach in their kitchen, opting for freestanding cabinets is an alternative that proves to be very attractive. They will protect the original architectural features from the modern fitted units or permanent attachments. This is why the freestanding kitchen is a beloved choice in period properties. But not only, as this trend is also embraced in contemporary kitchens, especially in open-plan spaces. The big bonus of this alternative is that you can take the cabinetry with you when you move. 

Consider a color scheme

The colors you choose for your cabinets should create a warm, comfortable and stylish space. But you should always choose a color that suits your personality and opt for only one shade if you want a simple room. But if you want something unique, consider more colors or shades. If you have a light beige floor and taupe walls, you can choose black cabinet doors, as they will be the focus point in your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets have a considerable part of your cooking space, so you should always opt for something you will love for a long time. 

Opt for the right finish

The finish of your kitchen cabinets is also crucial to the room’s aesthetic. Depending on the style, the cabinets’ finish can make them stand out or just vanish in the background. For instance, solid wood is the most common feature for the traditional style, while a glossy cabinet is a more popular characteristic for a modern style kitchen. 

The finish impacts the kitchen cabinets more than you would think. The wrong designs can affect the look even if the color is appealing and suitable for the room. Overall, you should have a cohesive space to enjoy your time there. You also need to keep in mind that some finishes are easier to clean, so if you usually make a lot of mess in your kitchen, they might be more suitable for you. 

Kitchen cabinets greatly impact a room, so you should pick some beautiful models that suit your needs.


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