Dallas Diamonds: Does an Inscription Make a Diamond More Secure?

The authenticity of a diamond can be proven in several ways and as a buyer, we would be aware of the methods on how to check the diamond’s authenticity. Diamonds are pricey and getting your money’s worth will be best. Opting for diamonds loose for sale in Dallas can also be a good option since loose diamonds have higher quality since they can be evaluated thoroughly. 

What is an Inscription on a Diamond?

Diamond inscriptions are a combination of letters and numbers that are engraved in the diamond mostly found in the girdle. This serves as an identifier of the diamond and is distinguished from other gemstones. A laser beam is used to put the inscription and is only done by experts. The inscriptions are too tiny that cannot be seen by the naked eye, you can only view them by using a jeweler’s loupe. 

Can You Engrave a Diamond in Dallas?

Engraving diamonds will depend on several factors; some settings make it hard to have diamond engravings. Plus most diamond engraves can only be seen using a loupe, for instance, if you are planning to put engravings on your engagement ring then your partner will not be able to see it, so what is the purpose of putting engravings that will not serve its purpose. 

Where is the Inscription on a Diamond?

The diamond inscription can be found in the girdle. The girdle is the part between the crown and the pavilion area. You can see the thin perimeter that divides the crown and pavilion which is the girdle. 

Do all GIA diamonds have laser inscriptions?

The diamonds that are graded by the GIA are only those unmounted ones. The numbers and letter inscribed is a code for the diamond’s grading written in its report. Inscription on the diamond has additional fees, you can also request for additional inscription such as a message or symbol if the diamond will be given as a gift.

Does Laser Inscription Affect Diamond Value in Dallas?

  • The answer to that is a big No! The inscription will not affect the diamond value, instead, it will increase it. Since having an inscription on your diamond would add assurance of its properties, this can give added security to the owner. 
  • Laser inscriptions will not cause any damage to the diamond, since they are done by experts and they used the proper tools to do it. The ones putting the inscription are trained and skilled plus proper tools are used to make sure the diamond won’t get damaged. 
  • Laser inscriptions will not change the color and clarity of the diamond. Since they are only done on the girdle and it is done properly leaving no blemishes on the diamond. 
  • Laser inscriptions can be removed by professionals, they are permanent but they can be erased if needed as long as done by a skilled diamond cutter. 
  • Laser inscriptions are microscopic and you can only see them under 10x magnification using a loupe. So if you have a message engraved it is better to have the instrument to show you received the ones you engrave on the diamond.  

What is the Importance of Diamond Inscription?

  • Laser inscription can be a good way to verify if the grading report indeed matches the diamond’s properties. Since the inscription on the diamond is its grading report, matching the inscription and grading report can give you a confirmation that the diamond’s qualities are legit. 
  • Laser inscription can be a good way to avoid getting scammed since faking it can be hard and inscription can only be done smoothly by experts and by a diamond engraver. Therefore diamonds with inscriptions can assure you that your diamond is authentic. 

Diamonds are pricey and getting assurance as a buyer is important, especially if you are buying a diamond for investment purposes or to be given as a gift. Higher quality diamonds can be a good purchase and verifying their authenticity can be hard without the right knowledge for the buyers. So get familiar with the qualities and other necessary information about diamonds so you can use these guides once you purchase a diamond. So be a wise buyer and find out more about diamonds.


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