Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Sequin Dresses

Sequin dresses are an instant way to light up the night at your next special occasion. Whether you are stepping out to a formal wedding, a black-tie affair, your prom night, an elegant celebration or you’re simply looking to add some sparkle to your evening wear rotation, a reflective gown is undoubtedly the way to go. Effortlessly striking and always on trend, there is a sequin dress ready for any kind of event you have coming up on your calendar. Keep reading to discover the golden rules of buying your dream sequin dress


Find the right fit

When it comes to finding the right dress for you, you need to focus on fit first. The fit of your dress is the most important factor, get it right and not only will you look radiant – you’ll feel your best and brightest too. Take a measuring tape and note down your dimensions to keep handy when you are browsing online or explore different cuts that are close to the dresses you already wear and love on the regular. These tips will lead you towards styles that harmonise with your figure and make your features shine.

Stay simple

Sequin dresses make a strong and stunning statement all on their own, and while there is a whole world of options out there, it is best to veer towards the simpler cuts. Choosing a classic silhouette will mean that your sequins have an understated base to shine, which will keep you from overpowering your look and makes striking the perfect balance between dressed up and eye-catching effortless. Choose a style with a strapless neckline and straight cut skirt with dynamic side cut-outs, or a timeless slip dress with shimmering embroidered motifs.

Explore and experiment

Don’t forget to explore and experiment! Sequin dresses are fun and exciting, and you can find styles in all kinds of colours and cuts. A great way to get experimental when you are shopping for sequin dresses is by mixing and matching textures. Think an elegant neutral toned sequin gown with a fluttering feathered hemline or a high-neck gown in a bright poppy tone with a contrasted sheer panelled corset. Add another texture and your look will immediately become even more striking.


Forget yourself

Never forget what you love and how you want to feel when you are shopping for your statement evening dress. Keeping your tastes and preferences front of mind will avoid you investing in a dress that doesn’t quite feel like you. Remember that the best accessory is confidence, no matter where you are heading!

Over accessorise

Your sequin dress is going to shine all on its own, so you don’t actually have to put too much thought into your extra flourishes and accessories. Opt for simple leather heels, a neutral toned clutch and understated adornments to keep your look balanced and elegant.

Ignore the event

Always keep the event in mind when you are shopping. This can help you choose a cut that is both appropriate and beautiful, if in doubt check the dress code!

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of buying sequin dresses, it’s time to start exploring!


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