What Could Make Your Business More Exciting for Customers?

When customers feel something positive and unique while engaging with your business, they are more likely to remember you in the future and recommend you to their friends. Standing out in a crowded marketplace takes some skill, but it isn’t impossible. So what could help to make your business more exciting?

Why Does Excitement Matter?

Excitement is a heightened emotion that spurs action. While feeling relaxed or peaceful is pleasant, these emotions don’t spark customers to make decisions and spend their money – unless, of course, that is the entire point of the business. One of the major reasons that social media platforms can keep their users on the sites for long periods is the promotion of content that encourages high-arousal emotions such as anger or excitement. Of course, it is unlikely that your business would benefit from angry customers, so instead, use the power of excitement to generate interest and sales.

When Would a Business Need to Inspire Excitement?

Not all businesses need to inspire excitement in their clients or customers. Some businesses trade on a foundation of formality and seriousness that is necessary for its functions. However, plenty of businesses out there could benefit from injecting some excitement into their marketing strategies to draw in more customers and encourage ongoing loyalty. Excitement is a positive high-arousal emotion that can help create an association in a customer’s mind between your business and feeling good. Certain types of retail stores, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, clubs, and other similar businesses can benefit from inspiring even a low level of excitement in their customers.

Use In-Person Environments to Curate a Mood for Your Brand

If your business is a store, restaurant, bar, or anything else that requires a venue for customers, use this to generate excitement. Your premises can be transformed to create a specific mood that is conducive to promoting sales and customer loyalty. Use business music streaming services to produce an ambiance that matches your business’ identity. For example, if you own a unique secondhand store with unusual products, you could use music and interior design to make the shopping experience more exciting for your customer base. Consider what your target audience is interested in and use this as inspiration.

Make the Most of Social Media

A few excuses exist for not having a social media presence as a business today. Use your profiles to capture your audience’s attention and imagination, keeping your brand in their minds. It is unwise for a business to try and use anger to generate sales, as this can easily backfire and harm public relations. Instead, focus on how you can encourage your online audience to become excited about what you offer, either through special promotions, discounts, or limited deals. You could even offer special loyalty rewards to returning customers.

Excitement is a potentially powerful emotion that can inspire your customers to engage with your business. Take advantage of this knowledge to improve your sales with the advice laid out in this article.


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