List of blue gemstones, colors, meanings, specifications and iconic jewelry pieces with pictures

Complete guide of blue gemstones, which includes a list of blue gemstones and their meanings, colors, and specifications.

Although the precious sapphire has already become one of the most admired precious stones in the world, various other blue gemstones are still being mined and favored by the world, as if every blue-colored substance in nature has a special meaning.

Thousands of blue gems have been discovered so far, and below are the ones that are the most beautiful and precious.

Blue gemstones– List, colors, meanings and more

Gemstones are generally minerals that have been or can be carved for use in Jewelry. As a general rule, they must present the following qualities:

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Beauty describes the optical properties of the mineral, such as color, transparency, brightness, dispersion, etc.


Durability describes the inalterability against various agents, in which hardness, toughness, resistance to acids or alkalis play an essential role and more.


Rarity describes the amount globally. The rarity is due to its natural shortage and also to its demand in the market at a given time.

The World of Gemstones is just for that, to help you know the different gemstones, and in the case today, the blue ones!

What do blue gemstones mean?

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Many people possess or want to obtain various types of blue stones. One of the first questions that come to mind is, what meaning do blue Gemstones have? Well, these stones mean or symbolize peace, tranquility and fraternity.

Beyond the individual properties that each of these stones possesses separately, in general, the blue stones are ideal to seek reconciliation with another person with whom we have no peace. Restoring friendship relationships, restoring harmony and communication between family members is one of the main properties of blue stones. Blue Gemstones also depends on the kind of intensity of the color.

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List and types of blue gemstones

I already know, dear friend, that you are eager to know all the types of blue stones, these are the most popular:


Blue gemstones and iconic jewelry pieces with pictures 1

Source: Boucheron Necklace set with a 78,33 ct Santa Maria oval aquamarine, moonstones and cultured pearls, paved with diamonds and aquamarines, on white gold.

Aquamarine, originated from the Latin word “sea water”. According to the legend, this beautiful gem is produced on the bottom of the sea and is the essence of sea water; therefore sailors in the old times use this stone to pray to the sea god hoping to be blessed with safety in the sea.

Most aquamarines are light blue gemstones with a greenish tone, reminding us of the sea shore in summer.

Iron is the reason that this stone forms this refeshing color; while chromium or vanadium contributes to the intense green of Emerald. Both of them belong to the same family, the beryl.

However, compared to the extremely high prices of emeralds, the aquamarine is affordable and generally has a better clarity, a much larger output. This makes it possible for ordinary people like you and me to own a few pieces of high-quality aquamarine jewelry.

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Meanings of Aquamarine

This refined stone is renowned for its physical and spiritual benefits. The aquamarine is helpful for appeasing anxiety, enhancing serenity and boosting communication.

Blue Diamond

Blue gemstones and iconic jewelry pieces with pictures 2

Source: A Sotheby’s employee displays the rare Blue Moon Diamond during a preview at Sotheby’s on Wednesday in Geneva. Martial Trezzini / AP, Nbcnews.

During the formation of diamonds, the presence of different elements contributes to a variety of colors. Among all of them, red, blue, green and pink diamonds are extremely rare and expensive and thus are mostly bought by collectors.

Natural blue diamonds do not contain nitrogen but a very small amount of boron which makes the color. Due to its scarcity, now experts are able to artificially synthesize blue diamonds by adding an appropriate amount of boron.

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Diamonds are definitely one of the most expensive blue gemstones we can find.

One of the most pricy blue diamond jewelry piece, The blue moon ring was auctioned in Sotheby’s. Internally flawless, the Blue Moon has been christened “one of the rarest gems in the world,” and the GIA has declared that its Fancy Vivid hue might be so unique as to be indescribable.

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Blue Quartz


Blue quartz is a precious crystal and is one of the quarters most demanded by crystal lovers. With the same beauty and energy as other rocks of his family,  blue quartz is an element that delights both the eyes and the soul and not only for its appearance but for its incredible energy properties. Blue quartz has magical, energetic and healing properties.

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Balances the body

This blue crystal still has known medicinal effects, which serve as an excellent complement to conventional treatments.

Blue Aventurine


Blue aventurine comes in the top list of precious blue gemstones. This quartz has high energetic and mystical properties. It is also known as “the stone of the stars.”

The blue aventurine is known for its faculties to become a powerful mental healer, able to stabilize all kinds of emotions and strengthen the spirit, let’s see its best-known properties.

Calm down

This quartz influences the emotional aspect a lot, one of its most excellent benefits is to provide calm and tranquility in adverse situations, difficult times in which uncertainty and despair usually take over people, the blue aventurine gives the ability to its bearer to find tranquility and emotional strength so as not to collapse and find solutions to the conflict.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Stone


This blue Gem is scarce, intriguing and very powerful, the lapis lazuli stone has been used since time immemorial as a protector of harmful energies and a key to unlock all our spiritual, mental and physical potential. This incredible and enigmatic stone was long called “Sapphire” name which is believed to have been granted by one of the first human civilizations on earth.

One of the main benefits of this beautiful stone is its ability to balance the throat chakra and facilitate the opening of the third eye. It also enhances cognitive and physical skills, and in case the wounds of the soul are unhealthy, draining the accumulated negative energies that turn into hatred and resentment over time, allowing us to advance harmoniously on the paths of self-realization.

It is because it can disinhibit us and help us strip away the insecurities that stagnate in ourselves to make us better understand and open our spirit to new teachings. Its use is recommended in presentations, exhibitions, talks, exams and any situation that requires communication to express ideas.

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Perfect for meditation

This blue gem and crystal will be able to guide meditation along the highest path of self-awareness. Place this blue gem and crystal in your right hand and press hard to help relax your body and mind by balancing both positive and negative energies within yourself.

Indicolite or Blue Tourmaline

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A general term for light blue to dark blue tourmaline. Blue tourmalines are rare, and now they have become the most valuable kind of tourmalines.

They are produced in yellow clays from weathered granites in Siberia, Russia, and also in Brazil, Madagascar, and the United States.

Among all the Brazilian mining sites, Paraiba state produces a tourmaline with a special green-blue tone. It is very expensive and scarce and in extremely large demands. It is therefore named Paraiba Tourmaline.

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The blue tourmaline symbolizes the clearness, purity, tranquility and freedom of the ocean and the blue sky, making us feel detached and far from the crowd.

It also has the characteristics of quietness and reasoning, which is the opposite of the red tourmaline. In the business world, the blue tourmaline is thought to imply balance.



Dumortierite is another rare variety of Blue Gemstone. Dumortierite which is in blue-purple with white stripes, which make it easy to recognize them. This stone, of course, has energetic or magical properties.

This blue jewel stone owes its name to the French paleontologist who discovered it ME Dumortier in the nineteenth century since then it has been used for different purposes, in gem therapy, for example, it is used to reach high levels of self-confidence and raise the spiritual level.

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This crystal stone also helps its wearer to erase from his mind traumas and bad memories that affect him today. Take out all that feeling and clean the soul of resentment. It is also used for different purposes, because of its magical properties, shamans use it to help them connect with past lives, see and break new bonds.

The blue crystal stone is also used in the jewelry industry to create items, garments and jewelry taking advantage of the great beauty of this crystal.


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Sapphires are the most well known blue gemstones in the world. The name sapphire comes from the Hebrew word “sappir”, which means “to perfection”.

Sapphire and ruby are similar in nature as they are both corundum minerals with alumina as a basic chemical component and they are the hardest natural mineral on the planet except diamonds. This beautiful blue color of sapphires is derived from titanium and iron.

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Meanings of the sapphire

According to the legend, the unique blue color of sapphire comes from the grace of a god; therefore everyone who sees it or touches it will feel the incredible and strong attraction, as if they are introduced into the infinite night sky full of beautiful dreams, blessed with peace and wisdom.

The ancient Persians believed that the sapphire was as blue as the sky, and thus regarded such a gemstone as a symbol of loyalty and prestige. In addition, the sapphire is the birthstone of September.

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Tanzanite was discovered in Tanzania 1967, near the northern city of Arusha at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, a world famous tourist spot. This is the only production site in the world.

In 1969, Tiffany named this gem, Tanzanite, after its the country of origin, and quickly introduced it to the international jewelry market. Tanzanite quickly became famous and experts announced it as the “gem of the 20th century.”

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This rare gem is basically blue, or with a bit purple or golde from different angles. In general, the tanzanite looks clear and cool. Some might have compared a light tanzanite to the beatiful eyes of the famous movie star Elizabeth Taylor.

Since this gem is not as hard as the sapphire, it is also cheaper and easier to process and can be cut into various shapes.


Blue Gemstones – List of Blue Gemstones, Colors, Meanings

One more variant of the blue gemstone is Topaz. Topaz, a gem with many energetic and mystical powers that you may find hard to believe if you are not very aware of this type of energy crystals.

Although the origin of his name is unknown, it is known as “ the stone of true love and the success of all efforts,” and this is because it symbolizes, finding true love both as a couple and the love of our friends and relatives.

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On the other hand, it is the ideal stone for people who work hard, see all that effort paid, achieving their objectives or goals as a reward. This stone can be found mostly in bright yellow, although it also exists in blue crystal stone.


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Fun facts about turquoise

Native Americans are only the most recent societies to be fascinated by Turquoise, a mineral composed of copper and aluminum. Once considered a holy stone capable of bringing good fortunes to anyone wearing it, Turquoise gems were so pricy.

Egyptians used them to embellish their tombs as long ago as 3000 BC. Persians wore turquoise necklaces to protect themselves from unnatural deaths, but that protection went only so far: If the Turquoise changed color, the wearer was warned, “Fear the approach of doom”!

Symbolism and Turquoise

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Turquoise comes with the promise of good luck, protection and gives the wearer the ability to predict danger ahead.

Sages insist that Turquoise can protect one from falls, which is why horseback riders attached Turquoise to bridles thousands of years ago to safeguard the rider and the horse. Some still do.

The Aztec people believed the god Quetzalcoatl infused this stone with magical properties. Navaho used it to summon rain and Apache shamans were declared illegitimate if they didn’t possess Turquoise.

Blue Spinelil 1588xN 8 min

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The spinel has always been a non-negligible species of colored gemstones with a very wide color range, including various shades from red, pink, purple to blue.

As for the blue spinel, the top notch ones look similarly to the sapphire in a way, both in bright blue or light blue with a purple tone, with good luster and transparency, but those are rare.

Most blue spinels are in dark or intense blue with a little smoky gray or even with a purple hue; spinels of such quality also give off a dull, fuzzy feeling when we look into their luster and transparency.

In order to lighten the color appropriately, the blue spinel is often processed quite thin. And like the sapphire, they are usually cut into an oval shape.

In addition, its price is moderate and within the reach of most enthusiasts. This is another reason why it is shining in the gem market in recent years!

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More types of blue stones

A different kind of dark and light blue stones are:

  • Sodalite
  • Kyanite
  • Apatite
  • Little angel

Meaning of blue gemstones

Since each stone can have different properties and meanings and they are classified with their specialties.

  • Blue Amethyst: For mental peace and emotional balance.
  • Blue Quartz: Tolerance, generosity, and tenacity.
  • Lapizlazuli: Meditation and better coordination and balance between the emotional and physical plane, that is, the body and the mind.
  • Angelita:  Creativity, imagination and artistic gifts
  • Tanzanite: Confidence and good self-esteem
  • Kyanite: Trust in love and surrender completely
  • Apatita: Communication, harmony, and a lot of communication with other people.
  • Sapphire: Positivism, good energies, and much enthusiasm.

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Color and quality in blue gemstones

Sapphire: Color is profound and deep blue with violet sparkles. The quality of sapphire will depend not only on the purity of its color but also on the size and dimension.

Aquamarine: The aquamarine contains different shades of blue that can reach a greenish-blue type. Quality depends on the intensity of their color varies depending on the angle from where they look.

Lapis lazuli: It is a Dark Blue Stones. It is a highly versatile material.

Turquoise: Deep blue color. Stabilize or coat it to make the material much more resistant.

Sodalite: Deep blue color and sturdy due to calcite.

Blue Diamond: It has a color blue shade. The value is not that much because it is not monochromatic.

Topaz: It is a bright blue gem; the quality depends on the intensity of color and has an excellent hardness.

Labradorite: Blue and its importance due to the single original variant.

Blue Moonstone: Blue chiller affects the value is less because of multi-colors.

Chalcedony: Soft blue, the quality because of its original shade.

Blue agate:  Its tones range from light blue to dark.

Tanzanite: Strong blue.

Spinel: Violet-blue.

Tourmaline: Indigolite and Paraiba.

Iolita: Blue and light blue.

Zircon: Blue.

Apatite: Crystalline Blue.

Hemimorphite: Cobalt blue.

Fluorite: Blue.

Kyanite: Blue, purple-blue

Dumortierite: Strong blue color

Larimar: Blue with white dyes, greenish-blue, slightly deeper blue

Chrysocolla: Blue

Azurite: Blue

Amber blue: Fluorescent blue

What do blue crystals mean?

Crystals have a special meaning in stone medicine. Its unique shape is an essential building block of the healing properties of precious stones. How diamonds are formed is just as important as their various crystal systems.

Conclusion on blue gemstones

Thank you for reading this article, feel to share your thoughts below or check other articles on gemstones that we have published:


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