Best Men’s Casual Shoes In 2023

When it comes to footwear choices for men, there aren’t as many options available as compared to women. And when it comes to casual shoes, the choices are even more reduced. Though this can be quite frustrating for some, if you research a little, you will find a handful of good shoes that are suitable for casual wear. Since this can be time consuming, especially for a newcomer, who might not even know where to start, we have created a list of some of the best casual shoes in this article, that are not only the best at what they do, but are also stylish looking, trending and are bought by many men, so that you can be guaranteed that no matter which shoe you buy, they will not go out of style for many years to come. 

When it comes to casual shoes for men, you should consider Bruno Marc Shoes. Speaking of Bruno Marc, they have a reputation for producing some of the good-looking and quality shoes in the market for men including sneakers, loafers,boots and more.Bruno Marc also sells shoes for men, women, and children. Thus, if you need similar shoes for your family, Bruno Marc could be the one for you. With that said, below is the list of the best casual shoes for men available in 2023.

Penny Loafers

Even since their introduction in the early 1900s, penny loafers have stayed in the fashion industry largely due to the sheer style and classiness they offer. These shoes primarily were made with a small pocket on the shoe that was large enough to hold a penny, which later would be used in a coin booth in case of an emergency. After all these years, even though the coin booths have long been gone, the trend for these shoes still remains the same. The penny loafers are considered more as a semi-formal shoe, though if you pair them with the right outfits, you can easily pull off a casual look as well. 

Casual Oxfords

Oxford shoes have been around since the early 1800s. They became quite popular among men not until the late 1920s. Back then, Classic Oxfords were all the hype. Classic Oxfords, even though you can wear them with casual clothing, is not considered as a casual shoe. Hence manufacturers around the world made 4 major variants of Oxfords that are Whole Cut, Plain Toe, Cap Toe, and Wingtip. Though the first three are preferred for semi-formal and formal occasions, the Wingtip Oxfords are said to be more of a casual shoe. This is because of the numerous stitch design the shoe offers that makes them less formal. Hence, if you need an Oxford shoe for casual purposes, the Wingtip Oxfords are the one you must go for. 


Sneakers are one of the best casual shoes. They are also the most recommended first-time shoes, because of how well they blend with all casual clothes for men. When it comes to sneakers, there are some rare vendors online like Bruno Marc that sell a variant of Oxford Shoes called the Oxford Sneakers, which blend the classiness of Oxfords and the youthful glow of the sneakers, making it one of the best casual sneakers on the market.

When shopping for sneakers, look for those made of breathable material (e.g., mesh) to keep your feet cool and dry. The best picks provide good arch support to prevent foot pain.  

Sneakers vary in price, depending on the style, brand, and whether it’s a limited edition or not. So, set a budget before you shop to avoid overspending.

Chelsea Boots

The most stylish looking and the best types of ankle boots for men are the Chelsea Boots. They are usually made out of either leather or suede. Leather, thanks to its water resistant nature when compared to suede is more suitable during a high moisture day. Other than that, the leather Chelsea boots are considered slightly more formal than their suede counterpart.

Do you want to steer away from wearing leather boots? It’s a good thing there are vegan ones. 

Vegan boots are made from synthetic microfibers, canvas, faux-leather goods, or virgin or recycled rubbers. They’re a more sustainable and ethical choice than traditional boots. You can see a curated selection of highly rated mens vegan boots here.

Derby Shoes

The Oxfords and the Derby Shoes look very similar. But they are two completely different shoes. For starters, the Derby Shoes are more casual than any of the Oxford shoe variants mentioned above. This is because Derby Shoes have a very noticeable non stitched, flap design on their lace area as compared to the closed and stitched design of the Oxfords. This also means that the Derby Shoes are less tight as compared to Oxfords and hence can accommodate a bigger foot quite easily.

Derby shoes are suitable for business casual attire. You can match them with chinos and a button-down shirt to attain a casual outfit or a suit for a formal look. Or you can pair them with jeans and a T-shirt or shorts and a polo shirt. 


Sandals are known for their comfort. These shoes, even though they are categorized as either beach shoes or lounge shoes, many men around the world have frequently and quite comfortably been wearing these with jeans and cotton pants with t-shirts. Additionally, sandals are known for their ability to reduce the chances of any sweatiness, which can be a lifesaver during hotter days.

Men can wear sandals almost everywhere. They’re the perfect footwear for the beach, allowing your feet to breathe and cool off. They also protect your feet from the sand and rocks. Moreover, you can wear sandals during errands and lounge sessions; they’re that versatile.

Monk Strap Shoes

Monk Strap Shoes have a unique design when compared to all the other shoes on this list. They usually have one or two straps that hold the shoe in place, which also gives off a classy vibe. These shoes are preferred with clothes ranging from semi-casual to semi-formal, giving you a handful of options to choose from. And if you buy a suede Monk Strap Shoe, know that they offer you a relaxed and casual look that is hard to resist.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, all the above shoes, even though some of them might not be made for casual purposes, can easily be worn as casual wear shoes. Also, make sure to buy the right-fitting shoe, as a proper fit is what differentiates a likable and an unlikable shoe. Additionally, remember that a suede shoe is always less formal than its leather counterpart. Thus, keep that in mind when buying your casual shoes. Also, always make sure to pair your shoes with similar color and matching clothes if you easily want to pull off a stylish and fashionable look.


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