666 Tattoo: Meaning, Ideas, Fonts, Placement, Pros, and Cons

Number tattoos are versatile, giving you the option to customize with different colors, fonts, and add-on designs. 666 tattoos are a popular choice, especially if you’re looking for numbers with a symbolic meaning.

What is a 666 tattoo? A 666 tattoo is a tattoo with the number six repeated three times. Numbers repeated in a sequence (usually of three or four) are considered angel numbers. Every angelic number has a different meaning. For example, the meaning of a 111 tattoo is much different than an 888 tattoo.

Angel numbers resonate with people because they capture your attention and often connect to different feelings, events, or struggles in your life. Choosing to get an angelic tattoo inked on your body can show your connection to the number’s meaning and serve as a reminder of something that means a lot to you.

Source: Yar Boy Art.

666 Tattoo Meaning

What does a 666 tattoo mean? In brief, a 666 tattoo means wisdom, prosperity, and knowledge and it is an angel’s way of telling you to maintain a positive mindset, and open yourself up to challenges.

1. The 666 Tattoo as an Angel Number

As an angelic number, the 666 tattoo means the angels are telling you to maintain a positive mindset, open yourself up to change and challenge, and embrace the relaxing energy of the natural world around you.

Some may get this mark if they want to challenge themselves to keep a positive outlook on life, no matter what crosses their path.

Many feel 666 also is a spiritual reminder to refocus. You may be overlooking something important, or you could be so honed in on one aspect of your life that you’re not focused on the bigger picture.

Those who want to refine their focus in life may get a 666 tattoo to serve as a constant reminder of this goal.

2. Wisdom, Prosperity, and Knowledge

If you’re not spiritual and don’t resonate with these meanings, you may connect with 666’s symbolism of wisdom, prosperity, and knowledge.

The sequence of numbers can be great for those who strive for intelligence and success, especially as they mature through life.

3. The Devil, the Anti-christ, or the Apocalypse

As with many symbols, there are both good and bad interpretations of 666. This number can also represent the Devil, the Anti-Christ, or the Apocalypse.

These more sinister meanings are represented in the Biblical Book of Revelations and in other books, movies, and forms of media.

Some feel bad luck is coming their way if they see the number 666. Others connect 666 to the second coming of Christ. They feel Jesus Christ will come back to fight the apostates and mark their bodies with the number.

666 Tattoo Popularity

666 is a relatively popular tattoo design for both men and women. You may have even heard of some celebrities with 666 inked on their skin.

Juice WRLD has a 999 tattoo that he later shared was just an inverted version of 666, during an interview with Tidal. He felt it was a representation of overcoming bad situations and struggles and using that as a tool to keep pushing forward.

After Juice WRLD passed away, Halsey then got a tattoo with the number 999 in it as a tribute to Juice WRLD, her former collaborator and friend.

666 Tattoo: Meaning, Ideas, Fonts, Placement, Pros, and Cons

Many male rappers have 666 tattoos or tattoos that can be interpreted as 666. For example, Lil Wayne got a “999” on his neck that many thought was 666 flipped. Wayne claims it was for republican Herman Cain.

American rapper Trippie Redd got the number tatted on his eyelid, Atlanta rapper SahBabii got it on his forehead, and Russian wrapper Morgenstern got it on three crowns to display on the back of his teeth.

666 Tattoo Ideas

There are many ways to design a 666 tattoo, varying based on the meaning.

Simple 666 Tattoos

Source: Mo Rf Tattoo Piercing.

You can get a simple 666 tattoo with the numbers lined up in a row. This is perhaps one of the most popular designs. Then, you can adjust the color, shading, and font to suit your style preferences.

Satanic 666 Tattoos

Satanic representations often have the sixes arranged in a circle. They may overlap or be positioned one after the other to create a skull-like formation.

Source: Mike Phillo.

If you get this tattoo, be conscious of positioning and adding on other symbols as they could lead to a completely different meaning than what you intend. Some look down upon the number 666 because of its negative connotations with Satan.

666 Tattoos With Horns or the Cross

Other designs include 666 accompanied by horns or the cross. Some darker tattoos use an upside-down cross.

Inverted 999 Tattoos

Source: Tatted By Giorgi.

You can even take a Halsey and Juice WRLD spin on it and invert the numbers to look like 999. This could also give you the opportunity to capture 666 and 999 meanings.

666 Tattoo Fonts

The font is one of the most important choices to make when going with a numerical tattoo or a tattoo with words. Some options include:

  • A serif typeface like Times New Roman, which is great for Roman numerals
  • A loose and flowy design like Brush Script
  • A crisp, clean font like Oswald or Lato
  • A highly digitized style like Varela or Roboto
  • A thick, blocky text like an extra-bold Source Sans Pro font

Numbers can look quite different from letters so make sure you check out how the number 6 looks in a specific font before making the final decision. There are many font simulators online, too, so you can play around with sizes, boldness, and other adjustments to find the perfect look for you.

Source: Bartas Tattoo.

666 Tattoo Placements

Tattoos that are a series of numbers have some popular placement options. For example, angelic numbers are often inked along fingers, across the wrist, in a slant behind the ear, or in a line above the elbow.

Ultimately, you can get a 666 tattoo anywhere on your body that your tattoo artist is comfortable with, so experiment with different locations.

Make sure you keep visibility in mind, too. Do you want it to be visible at all times? Think about your hands and your arms. Want it to be more hidden? Behind the ear, on your chest, or another subtle location might be your best bet.

666 Tattoo Pros and Cons

As with any tattoo, there are pros and cons to think about. Potential pros of a 666 tattoo include:

  • A reminder to refocus yourself
  • A display of your desire for wisdom and prosperity
  • Encouragement to push through life’s challenges
  • A way to showcase some other meaning or symbolism that means a lot to you
  • The chance to change up the font and color to meet your style choices

Potential cons of a 666 tattoo include:

  • Negative associations with Satan or bad luck
  • Judgment from those that don’t know the positive meanings of 666
  • Many people have a 666 tattoo and you may want something unique
  • It’s pretty simple and you may want a tattoo that’s more intricate and artistic

Should You Get a 666 Tattoo?

If you’re wondering whether or not you should get a 666 tattoo, think through all of the pros and cons. Then, consider where you’d get the tattoo, what font you would want, and how you want it styled.

Planning is essential to making sure you get the ink you want. And maybe the most important consideration is how does 666 resonate with you? Having a strong connection to your tattoo can help solidify your decision to move forward with an appointment.

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