444 Tattoo Meaning: What You Need to Know

Do you believe in angels? If so, you might find angel numbers helpful and interesting. Angel numbers are certain numbers of spiritual experience and importance. And if you’re considering getting an angel number tattoo, a 444 angel number tattoo is certainly one to consider.

Keep reading to learn more about the 444 tattoo meaning, ideas, fonts, placement, pros and cons, and if you should move forward with getting this design.

What Is a 444 Tattoo?

Simply put, a 444 tattoo is any tattoo featuring the number 444. Lots of people get creative with the design, though. You can add stars, butterflies, abstract shapes, or even whole scenes to your 444 tattoo. Most people choose 444 angel number tattoos for their spiritual significance.

444 Tattoo Meaning

What does 444 tattoo mean? In brief, it means passion, perseverance, and ambition and it is an angel’s way of telling you to trust your intuition, especially in challenging situations.

1. An Angel Number as a Reminder to Trust in Yourself

Believers say that guardian angels communicate with us via numbers with special significance. If there is a specific number that seems to repeatedly pop up in your life, chances are good that it’s an angel number. Angel numbers are full of symbolic meanings.

It is said that the number 444 communicates a special message to those who see it. It is a reminder to trust your intuition, especially in challenging situations. And if you often try to silence the “inner voice” that guides you, the number 444 is a great reminder to listen to it.

If you tend to see the number 444 in different places, you can commemorate it with a tattoo.

2. Passion, Perseverance, and Ambition

In numerology, every number has a special meaning. To understand the significance of 444, it can be helpful to take a look at the numbers it’s made of.

The number 4 signifies trust, loyalty, and self-expression. It’s connected to the idea of completion, building a foundation, and focus, so it might be a good sign if you’re making major changes in your career or elsewhere.

Similarly, the number 44 connects to achievement, hard work, and perseverance. This can be a reassuring number for someone facing a challenge.

Lastly, the number 444 means passion, perseverance, and ambition. It encourages you to become aware of your inner feelings. You might choose to get this tattoo as a reminder to trust in yourself.

444 Tattoo Ideas and Designs

If you’ve decided you want a 444 tattoo, the next step is creating a design you’ll love. Tattoos stay with you forever, so make sure you take your time choosing! Here are five ideas you might want to consider:

1. 444 Tattoo With Angel Wings

444 Tattoo Meaning: What You Need to Know

Source: Nefele Tattoo.

Do you believe in angels? If so, you might find angel numbers helpful and interesting. Angel numbers are certain numbers of spiritual experience and importance. And if you’re considering getting an angel number tattoo, a 444 angel number tattoo is certainly one to consider.

You can really take the “angel” part of angel numbers to heart with this one! You can ask your tattoo artist to simply frame the number with angel wings. You can even add a halo.

2. 444 Tattoo With a Butterfly

Source: Baby Kait.

Butterflies are connected to new beginnings and regrowth, too. You might want to place the number 444 in the center of a butterfly. You can choose a simple butterfly outline or go with a full-color, realistic portrait.

3. 444 Tattoos With Significant Colors Like Red

If there are certain colors that hold a lot of symbolic meaning for you, you might consider including them in your design. For example, if you’re getting a tattoo to symbolize a new beginning, you might choose to get the numbers in green.

4. With Small Stars

If you want to keep the numbers as the main focus of the tattoo, add a couple of stars around it. These can be minimalist, line-based stars or brightly-colored ones.

5. Geometric Designs Like Arrows

Tattoos with geometric designs have a modern appeal. If you wish, you can incorporate the number 444 into a 3D illustration or a simple circle, square, triangle, or arrow.

444 Tattoo Fonts

The font you choose is critically important when you’re getting a text-based tattoo. Here are a few great fonts to choose from:

1. Roman Numerals

Want something a little different? Lots of people use Roman numerals when getting number tattoos (like those used to memorialize a certain date). The best font for these is Trajan, a typeface designed to look like ancient carvings. However, you can use any serif or non-serif font. Just stay away from script and blackletter fonts.

2. Plain Numbers Like Georgia or Garamond

If you’re going for an understated look, choose a nice serif font like Georgia or Garamond. These fonts will make your tattoo look modern and elegant.

3. Script Fonts

Some number tattoos don’t use numbers at all! If you want, go with a tattoo where each number is written out. Script fonts work nicely for this. Some great script fonts include Windsong (a font that looks like a lot of historical writing), Scriptina Pro, and Miama.

4. 3D Shaded Fonts

This type of shading might be too much for some people. But if you want the tattoo to really seem to jump out, it’s worth considering! A few good choices are Euphoria (a vintage-inspired typeface), Fonseca Grande, and Bite Hard.

5. Gothic Fonts

Ornate, old-style fonts are great if you want your tattoo to have a dramatic flair. Consider Osgard Pro, Aimerva, and Lordish.

Recommended Placements for 444 Tattoos

Since a 444 tattoo can be just about any size, you can get it just about anywhere on your body. If you want a tattoo that isn’t too noticeable, you might want to get it on your ankle or somewhere that is usually covered by clothes.

If you want it to be more visible, both your lower arm and upper arm are great locations.

Some people also opt to place the tattoo on their upper chest right below the collarbone. This type of placement makes the tattoo look almost like the charm on a necklace!

Wrist tattoos and tattoos on the inside of your arm right below the elbow are also good choices if you want something more visible.

Some people don’t like neck tattoos, but getting a small 444 tattoo behind your ear can look nice. Plus, it’s not nearly the same as getting a tattoo on your face!

444 Tattoo Meaning vs. 777 Tattoo Meaning

444 and 777 are both angelic numbers. However, they do have different meanings. While 444 often means passion, desire, and ambition, 777 tattoos often mean wisdom and good luck.

Every angelic number has its own unique meaning, so be sure to also check out 111, 222, 333, etc. to decide which number combination most resonates with you.

Should I Get a 444 Tattoo? Pros and Cons

Only you can answer this question. If you already have tattoos, adding one more probably won’t seem like a big deal. But if you have no tattoos, you might be weighing whether or not to get one. Here are some pros and cons of a 444 tattoo:


  • A 444 tattoo is small enough to be a good first tattoo.
  • It’s a meaningful tattoo to get.
  • It offers you a chance to really express yourself.


  • Some employers won’t hire you if you have visible tattoos.
  • You might get tired of people asking you about the meaning of 444.
  • Depending on where you get the tattoo, even small ones can be quite expensive.
  • Potential risks of infection and scars just like other types of tattoos
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