Solutions to Poor Posture

Posture refers to the way you hold your body. Posture is broken down into two types, namely static posture, and dynamic posture. Dynamic posture is the way you hold your body when moving; this includes your posture when walking, running, or bending. Static posture, on the other hand, is how you hold yourself when you are not in motion; this includes your posture when standing, sleeping, or sitting. 

Poor posture can negatively affect your general health, including issues like joint pain, muscle tension, reduced blood circulation, fatigue, and breathing problems. Poor posture could come in the form of slouching and slumping. 

Ways to Correct Poor Posture

Poor posture can lead to serious issues, even giving permanent deformity if care is not taken. Below are some ways to correct your poor posture. 

  • Stand Tall: Standing tall is one of the best things that you can do for yourself if you are dealing with bad posture. Thankfully, it does not require much work on your part. To stand tall and correct poor posture, do the following.

– Stand straight, keeping your shoulders pulled back slightly and relaxed. 

– Keep your feet apart, with the space between them around shoulder-width. Also, be sure to keep most of your weight on the balls of your feet. 

– Tuck in your stomach.

– Your head should be level at all points. Avoid bending it forward. 

– Slightly bend your knees.

– If you have to stand for a long time, it helps if you shift your weight from one foot to another. 

  • Sit Correctly: Sitting correctly will go a long way in helping you correct your poor posture. Below are tips to follow to sit correctly. 

– Sit up straight, keeping your shoulders relaxed. It is however important to ensure that your shoulders are not rounded or hunched. 

– Always pick a chair that matches your height. Any chair that you sit on, should allow you to plant your feet firmly on the ground. Also, avoid crossing your legs.

– Always keep your knees level.

– When working, keep your computer at eye level. This helps you to avoid straining your neck by bending forward or backward. 

– Always ensure to sit back in your chair. 

  • Move Around: You get fatigued and uncomfortable when you sit or stand in one position for too long. It can also cause muscle tension. This is why it is important to move around from time to time. Get up, stretch your body and walk around for a few minutes. If you have to be in that position for hours, make sure to move around for a few minutes after every hour. 

You can also carry out exercises such as the shoulder blade squeeze, taking a child’s pose, doing a wall slide, planking, or doing the bridge exercise. If your poor posture persists and keeps giving you cause for concern, then it is best to contact a chiropractor in Willetton


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