Running Your Business from Your Garage? Three Tips to Make it Easier

With the rising popularity of working from home and entrepreneurial businesses, more and more people have begun turning their garages into practical and comfortable offices.

If you are planning on running your business from your garage, you may need advice on how to go about it. So, here are three tips to make the process easier.

1. Plan and Organize

The primary rule for any workspace is organization. This rule rings true even when your workplace happens to be a garage.

Start by clearing out all unnecessary items to create room for your nascent business operations. Then give the place a deep clean.

The next step is to purchase all of the equipment you will need, or move existing items into your new office space. You will need things like a desk, an ergonomic chair, and storage solutions.

Also, unless you want the complex task of insulating your garage, you can easily stay warm in the winter months by using freestanding heaters.

You’ll need to equip your garage with suitable technology, too. The necessities will depend on your type of business, but generally, the essentials include a reliable computer, printer, Wi-Fi router for robust internet connection, and perhaps a decent sound system for work-enhancing tunes.

Don’t skimp on investing in a good Wi-Fi repeater if your garage sits some distance from the main house. Remember that connectivity is key when it comes to running an online business.

You can also make running a business from your garage easier by using mobile and desktop apps that help you manage tasks and improve productivity, such as Trello or Todoist.

The more you plan and organize the space before you start moving things into it, the easier it will be to set up your office and ensure you have everything required to run your business effectively.

2. Ensure You Have Good Lighting

Having ample lighting in your garage brings not only practical benefits but can also improve your focus and productivity.

The typical lighting in most garages is often lacking or designed with minimal tasks in mind. So, you should definitely consider upgrading standard bulbs with brighter LED lights or installing new lighting fixtures so that you don’t face any issues like glares on your computer screen.

Also, consider adding task-focused lighting like desk lamps to key work areas for better visibility when working on detailed tasks.

You might also be interested in these simple tips on how your business can save money on electricity costs.

3. Get a High-Quality Garage Door Opener

While most people use garage door openers to open their garage doors while they are in their vehicles and can, therefore, park quickly and easily, if your garage doesn’t have a door to your house, you’ll want to ensure that opening and closing your garage door is as fast and simple as possible.

Without one, you’ll encounter wasted time that could impede your productivity. Furthermore, if your garage door takes a while to open when you can hear the phone ringing from inside the garage and you’re expecting an important call, the last thing you’ll want is to have to wait for the door to open.

So, make sure you get a garage door opener that opens your door quickly.

By investing in a high-quality garage door opener, not only will you prevent unforeseen hiccups in day-to-day operations. You’ll also ensure the safety of the business assets you have stored within your garage.

Take a look at a variety of garage door openers to find the right option for you.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Setting up and running a business from your garage is easier than you may have thought.

While all tips are important, the first is the most critical: plan and organize! The more thought you give to your specific garage and the type of business you are running, the easier it will be to transform your garage into a productive and comfortable workspace.


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