Men’s Elegance: 15 Tips for Everyday Elegance

The difference between your everyday man and a stylish man is very minor. It’s the little things that make all the difference when it comes to style!

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd and have a unique and impeccable style, this article is for you. In it, we’ve put together the 15 most important things you can do every day to be a stylish man.

What does it mean to be a stylish man?

Before we get to the heart of the matter and tell you how to become a stylish man, we must answer a basic question. What does it mean to have style? Is there an objective definition of “stylish,” or is it just a matter of personal taste?

Not to give you a cliche answer, but it’s a bit of both. You can have style by wearing socks in your flip-flops (even some top designers like Vuitton have done it in their fashion shows). But washing your hair only once a fortnight, biting your nails, or wearing a size 36 shirt when you’re a size 42 are all behaviors to be avoided by anyone who thinks they’re an elegant man.

At this level, having a style or not is more akin to knowing the basics of savoir-vivre or not. Now that the foundations of this article have been laid, there’s no need to beat around the bush any longer to give you our advice. Here’s what you absolutely must do if you want to be a man of distinction.

The 50 absolute rules of style

#1. Choose the right clothing size

Okay, oversize is in, and (very) close-fitting clothes can make you look your best. But avoid shirts that look like parachutes or those you can barely zip up.

#2. Spend less, but better

There’s no need to own 25 shirts, 50 T-shirts, and 30 pairs of jeans (unless you’re a real collector of Sunday Swagger t-shirts). To get the perfect look, choosing quality over quantity is better. Remember that not all brands are created equal. Choose wisely and go with classic fits, then you’ll see that it costs (almost) nothing more to dress well!

#3. Get rid of clothes you don’t wear

That pink T-shirt with turquoise flowers may be a nice souvenir from your trip to the Caribbean, but honestly, will you ever wear it again? And first of all, when was the last time you wore it? Donate it to charity if you last wore something over a year ago – it’ll always be more valuable than the back of your wardrobe.

#4. There’s more to life than black and brown

We’re not telling you to dress up as a rainbow every day, but dare to use color! Whether for a top, chino, or even leather shoes, blue, red, or green can offer superb results and give your outfit a chic edge.

#5. Never buy a suit without trying it on

It’s THE piece that will make you a stylish, elegant man. But it’s also THE piece that you can tell at a glance if it’s ill-fitting, too big, or too small. And that spoils everything. Stay classy; try on your suits in a store before you buy.

#6. Pay attention to pant length

What applies to the bottom of the suit also applies to other types of pants: pay attention to the length of the pants. No one wants to see your socks and calves, even if both look great.

It’s generally said that trousers should have a crease (and only one crease) a few centimeters above the shoe. And if you’re in doubt, you can always try hemming directly in the store!

#7. There’s more to life than jeans!

Of course, denim remains a staple in men’s wardrobe, but don’t limit yourself to that! The chino is an excellent alternative (now very popular with men), but you can look just as good with cargo pants, slacks, velvets, or even pants with pleats – vary the pieces!

#8. Wear suspenders or a belt, not both

Even if they fit perfectly, pants are best worn with a belt. Or with suspenders if they complement your look. Above all, NEVER wear the two together – they don’t mix!

#9. Dare to wear a bow tie

You can easily break stylistic codes like suspenders by wearing a bow tie. For example, pair it with jeans, a shirt, and a V-neck sweater for a chic casual look.

#10. Mix genres

This can be a fashion faux pas. But if you’ve already mastered the basics of men’s style, wearing a tracksuit jacket over a long-sleeved tee and jeans can create a silhouette that’s neat, trendy, and casual all at once.

#11. Learn the rules of layering

Layering clothes, when done right, always adds a “little something extra” to your look. We’ve given you an example, but it can be applied to various clothing styles. We suggest you read our article on layering to understand it all.

#12. Watch out for “underwear.”

If you’re wearing several layers of clothing, you must ensure that none of them ruin your look. Are you feeling warm and want to ditch the little jacket or sweater? Do it, as long as you don’t wear a Simpsons T-shirt underneath – that might be lacking in class!

#13. Match the color of your socks to your pants

Black socks and black pants are the perfect match. Of course, nothing stops you from experimenting with a funky pair of socks. But here again, while we’ve got nothing against the Springfield family, avoid those with Bart Simpson or Looney Tunes faces, and look for colors that match well.

#14. Men’s bags are good too

Rather than a small shoulder bag or fanny pack, opt for an elegant bag to add the finishing touch to your look. Tote bags are all the rage, but you can opt for a classic briefcase, a messenger bag, or even a backpack!

#15. Dress up your wrists

Let’s stay in the accessories department and move on to jewelry. Not necessarily rings or pendants, but bracelets. Instead of a silver bracelet with your name on it, choose a trendy leather or pearl bracelet. Note that slacking is now fashionable, i.e., wearing several bracelets on the same wrist and mixing colors and materials.


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