How to Become a Plumber

If you are good with your hands and looking for a new career path then you may seriously want to consider becoming a plumber. Plumbers are always in demand, the work can be rewarding and you can even become your own boss. So, what are the main steps to take to become a plumber? This post will tell you all that you need to know to get your new career off the ground.


There are no official qualifications that you need to become a plumber, but vocational training and an apprenticeship will be the best way to develop the skills needed to find success. Technical universities and trade schools will be the best places to learn the skills needed and earn a certification that will help you to find work.


There are obviously hard skills that are needed to become a plumber, but you should not overlook the soft skills that are required in this role. Strong communication skills are essential in this role, so this may need to be an area that you work on if you feel that you are not a strong communicator. You also need to have a strong work ethic, be well organised, work well with others and have the willingness to continue learning and improving. Physical fitness is also important in this role as it can be demanding.


Of course, you need a range of high-quality tools to work as a plumber. These will be your livelihood and the items that you use each day, so it is important that you invest in quality items that you can rely on. This is why you should always buy from trusted brands and know how to maintain and safely store your tools. In addition to the basic hand tools like wrenches, hammers and saws, you will also require specialist equipment like a drain cleaner to provide a range of services to your customers. Additionally, you need to have high-quality PPE that will help you to work safely each day and avoid injury. 

Plumbing Business

Many people pursue this line of work so that they can start their own business and become their own boss. If you go down this path, it is important that you know how to launch and run a successful business. This will include market research, creating a business plan, registering the business, branding, bookkeeping and marketing. 

Those seeking a rewarding and potentially lucrative new career path should consider becoming a plumber. There is always demand for skilled plumbers and it is a role that could allow you to become your own boss. There are lots of job boards where you can find a plumbing job with sponsorship. The above are a few of the main areas to focus on to develop the skills and knowledge required to get started in this field and start making money as a plumber. 


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