How to avoid stress when writing a paper?

Whether you write a college or an academic paper, it always implies intensive intellectual work and excessive worrying. Thoughts about the final outcome disturb you and distract you from the process of composing the text. It is a common situation when students overthink the assignment and get nervous too much.  As a result, they show a worse result and do not fully unleash their capacities. If you recognize yourself in this situation, check out effective tips on how to avoid stress while creating a paper. 

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How to keep calm while writing a paper?

Stress is the reaction of an organism to critical situations. It increases the adrenaline level, which is rather helpful in dangerous cases. Still, writing a college paper does not threaten your life, so all those anxieties are excessive. 

If you want to get rid of them, you, above all, have to eliminate nerve-racking factors. 

Why do you think you start worrying while implementing a college assignment? Experts from identify the following reasons for your anxious state:

  • a lack of knowledge to cope with the task;
  • a writer’s block;
  • no inner motivation; 
  • you have not time to finish your document.

Having found solutions to the above issues, you will get inner peace and self-confidence. Experts from offer practical pieces of advice on how to do it. 

  1. Do not overthink it

The first thing you need to understand is that writing a paper is simply a college task. In some cases, it could be an academic article or a scientific paper, yet it is not worth worrying too much about. 

  1. Realize the issue

Stress is harmful to your health and productivity. Your worries do not help you to cope with the assignment fast; they have the opposite effect. Once you grasp this fact, you will try to be less nervous on a subconscious level.

  1. Do not procrastinate

Organize your process. Apparently, writing a paper is not only about typing a text. Besides, you need to research the topic, express thoughts, edit everything. When you plan everything in advance, you have fewer reasons for stress. 

  1. Find a calm place

Work in a suitable place, without distractors. Nothing should prevent you from concentration on your task. Create your calming atmosphere — surround yourself with inspiring little things. 

  1. Do not overdo with stimulating beverages and products

It deals with coffee, cola, sweets, energy drinks, etc. On the one hand, they boost your productivity: you cope with your assignments faster and do not worry about them anymore. On the other hand, if you exceed your norm, you are getting nervous over nothing. 

  1. Relax correctly

When you make pauses in the study process, do not check your social media or play computer games. These activities overload your nervous system, and you do not rest enough. Instead, go for a walk, do some sports, take a nap, cuddle your cat, etc. By doing so, you recharge yourself. 

  1. Learn to cope with stress

If you feel that you are getting nervous, learn to deal with this state. The simplest way is to breathe deeply and count to ten. Pay attention to yoga or chi kung techniques, they often adhere to the principle “calmness is power.” Several minutes of meditation, asanas, and concentration exercises help focus on the main tasks and forget about stress. 

  1. Use up-to-date technologies to speed up the writing process

You feel confident and calm when using applications for writing and editing. For instance, Grammarly saves time on checking typos and mistakes. It is highly recommended to use this software if you are not an English native speaker. With this program, you can catch grammar, stylistic, vocabulary, readability errors, etc. 

There is also an opportunity to hire expert writers or editors. Today one can order a cheap, ready-made paper from and stop worrying about this assignment at all. Such services can serve as a good back-up plan for you. Even if you do not use them, you worry less, as you know that you have this plan B. Your orders may concern any stage of writing: research, writing, proofreading, etc. 

To top it all

All in all, recommendations on this issue boil down to the methods of preventing and relieving stress. The awareness of the problem, knowledge of how to solve it, and systematic practical actions in this direction help you stay calm and productive. Getting rid of stress, you get the power and freedom to implement your big plans. All you need are inner forces, self-discipline, and a sensible approach to fighting stress. This is how you can get a quiet and efficient pace of study and writing papers, in general. 


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