Home Remedies for Swollen Feet During Pregnancy! 

Pregnancy is one of the greatest blessings and pleasures of womanhood. However, it comes with challenges and struggles that few women look forward to. No matter how much you prepare yourself, you are unprepared for what’s to come. Apart from mood swings, backaches, anxiety, and nausea, it would be best if you also dealt with swollen feet. 

When your weight increases, your feet cannot bear the growing pressure, which causes swelling. Most women show size changes during and after pregnancy due to swelling. Swollen feet can cause discomfort and pain, making it harder for you to tackle daily activities. Here are some hacks to deal with swollen feet during pregnancy. 

Hacks to Deal with Swollen Feet During Pregnancy! 

Avoiding medications and using a natural pain reliever during pregnancy is best. Pregnancy can be quite hard for some people, and dealing with swollen feet is also challenging. If you are dealing with swollen feet, here are some hacks to try: 

1. Warm Water Soak 

If you are wondering how to reduce swelling fast, a warm water soak is the best ideal. You can use many hacks to disappear the swelling, but something else works like a good water soak. Sometimes, you need a quick hack to relax and make you forget about the pain instantly. A warm water soak can help relax you and make the pain disappear in seconds. 

To make warm water soak, you need a small tub, warm water, Epsom salt, and any essential oil you choose. Heat water and transfer it into a small tube; it should feel warm. Add half a cup of Epsom salt and a few drops of essential oils to the water. 

You can add lavender or lemon oil because their aroma is soothing. Soak your feet in warm water for at least 20-30 minutes to make the swelling go down a little. You will instantly feel lighter because Epsom salt helps in reducing inflammation. You can use warm water soak every night before bed as it relaxes your mind and reduces swelling, helping you sleep better. 

2. Wear Compression Socks 

One of the best hacks to reduce foot swelling is compression socks. You are at your heaviest weight when you are in your last trimester. All the pressure in your belly stops the blood from flowing to your legs properly, which causes swelling. If you want the swelling to decrease faster, wear compression socks, especially before bed. 

Compression socks are great for increasing blood circulation and relieving pain. Swelling can also be due to fluid collection in your ankles, causing pain and discomfort. Hence, compression socks are an effective hack to reduce swelling.  

During pregnancy, you should do everything you can to reduce swelling and enhance comfort. Make sure to do simple things in your living space to make it more inviting and comfortable. Similarly, add great clothing pieces to your wardrobe that helps in making you feel your best and most comfortable. 

3. Alleviate Your Legs 

Pregnancy can be quite blissful if you take care of yourself and prioritize your comfort. You will be quite uncomfortable at the end of your pregnancy because you are full-term now. Your feet will grow and swell because of the pressure and weight it is carrying. 

The best thing you can do to reduce swelling is to lie down as much as possible. Standing too long can exert much pressure on your feet, making them swell even more. The best way to maintain good blood circulation in your legs is to alleviate them.  

Lie flat on your bed and use a pregnancy pillow for support. Stack a few pillows beneath your legs to alleviate them and increase blood flow. It helps reduce swelling and pain, do this 2-3 times daily for 20 minutes. It is best to work from home during the last days of your pregnancy to relax as much as possible. 

4. Reduce your Sodium Intake 

One of the worst things you can do during pregnancy is to have too much salt. Salt is one of the main factors that cause fluid retention. Doctors recommend pregnant ladies stay away from salt as much as possible. If your sodium intake is high, you will get painfully swollen feet that can hinder your movement. 

If you want to avoid getting swollen feet, avoid salt and sugar intake. It can be tricky to find foods you like during pregnancy. However, it is essential to have good protein and fiber-rich foods to reduce bloating. On the other hand, having as much water as possible is essential to avoid dehydration

5. Reduce Caffeine Intake 

During pregnancy, it is best to avoid caffeine as much as possible as it is a diuretic. It can make you run to the bathroom often, which is not the best when pregnant. Caffeine can lead to dehydration which can also cause fluid retention. Hence, replacing caffeine with herbal teas such as chamomile and decaffeinated green tea is best. Herbal teas are great for promoting digestion and enhancing sleep quality. 

Final Verdict 

The ones we mentioned are effective if you seek hacks to reduce foot swelling during pregnancy. You must take care of your diet and add movement to your routine for effective results. You will deal with swelling issues in your last trimester, and rest should help. It is best to sleep straight and alleviate your feet for better blood flow. 


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