Different Types of Bowls You Can Buy for Your Home

Are you planning to upgrade your home’s dining experience? If yes, you can probably add some crockery and cutlery. Many people don’t know that there are different types of bowls because they are not as popular as plates.

However, you can take your home to the next level by adding a variety of bowls, especially from shops that sell authentic pottery items from different makers. Let us go through the varieties here.

Soup Bowls

When the word bowl is mentioned, people think about soups. Well, bowls are commonly used for soups in almost any home. Often, these bowls come with underplates for holding them, placing a spoon, and also taking care of spills. Soup bowls come in different designs and colors and may vary in size. You can try Supper Club bowls for a wide selection of artisan bowls.

Salad Bowls

Salad bowls are either wide or deep to hold all the leafy salads and other ingredients. They are becoming popular because they are not limited in design and colors. Larger salad bowls can be used to hold all the salad while serving into smaller bowls or plates. Just like soup bowls, it is easy to buy commercially produced salad bowls or try authentic options handcrafted by popular pottery makers around the world.

Cereal Bowls

Do you know that you can use soup bowls to eat cereal in the morning? Why not? However, you can have a different and unique set of cereal bowls for your home. They also come in different sizes and may have an underplate or not. Most people prefer smaller cereal bowls because breakfast is a relatively simple meal. Some sellers have a separate stock of cereal bowls, making it easy for you to buy them.

Rice Bowls

Many people prefer to eat their rice in bowls, especially if they add a sauce. These bowls are no different from other bowls and come in different sizes to suit different needs. However, they tend to be colorful and may match plates and platters used on the table. One can buy rice bowls together with other table crockery as a set. In the same way, you can order unique rice bowls from artisan pottery makers.

Pasta Bowls

Different pastas are served in different ways. Most pasta that is cooked in sauce tends to be served in large pasta bowls. If your family loves pasta, you can buy these bowls to enhance your dining experience. In fact, it is a great idea to have different authentic pasta bowls that match your décor at home. As we have mentioned, it is easy to buy such bowls.

Mixing Bowls

Lastly, let’s mention the mixing bowls. They are the largest bowls at home and are often used in the kitchen to mix ingredients. However, some people may use them to serve stews and salads on the table. You can choose from numerous designs sold by commercial crockery producers or unique pottery gurus.


Buying different types of bowls can elevate your home’s dining experience. Now that you know the popular bowls used at home, it is easy to make a decision. Most of these bowls are available online, but you can still buy from physical shops too.


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