Why freedom of speech is important for marketing?


Communication is the solution that can solve many problems. It is important not only in the personal life of all of us but in the professional one too. Communication is the bridge that can help you connect with people around the world, even though they come from different countries and cultures.

As technology develops, so do the industries and domains that rely heavily on it. It is also the case of marketing, which is in its essence, communication. Brands and companies are communicating with their customers to generate leads and drive more sales. However, the latest terrorist attacks and manipulation that happen on the internet make freedom of speech even more important to marketing and a real challenge. Why is this happening?

It Allows You to Create Unique Interaction With Customers

Freedom of speech is a topic that gathers more and more international attention, as the cases of manipulation and fake news multiply in all corners of the world. Marketers that want to create a unique interaction with their customers rely heavily on the freedom of speech. People nowadays are interested in buying from ethical brands that also value their customers. People are sick of fake interactions with brands that have only one goal: of increasing their revenues.

Freedom of speech is essential to marketing as it allows marketers to express their ideas and opinion freely. However, when doing this it is also important to pay respect to the ones around you. There might be your customers or competitors. Freedom of speech is necessary and it makes the society evolve and improve, as new and fresh ideas are put to the table. But it is important to not offend others, especially if your profile is not to draw cartoons and laugh at others (as is the case with the famous magazine from France, Charlie Hebdo).

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It Allows You to Grow Your Business

One of the goals many marketers have is to grow their business. While some tips and tricks could help you create an eye-candy website or graphic design for your posts, social media remains one of the main environments where you can reach many people fast. Your target audience is probably on social media, the context where people feel free to express their thoughts and opinions.

This is also the case of businesses that try to show their real face and create an authentic brand profile. Genuine interaction is what people are yearning for and marketers rely on the freedom of speech to express themselves and their opinions. At the same time, this is an opportunity to encourage your target audience to do this as well. As people are spending more time online, cyberbullying is on the rise.

And some of the people that follow you might not feel that they can do this. As they are interacting with the services and products you offer, they might feel urged to express their opinion on them. Which is important feedback you get as a marketer and business representative, but also an important step into writing your ideas freely online. Free speech is a topic that has caught the attention of many people around the world and if you want to read about it, read more essays samples on freedom of speech. You can find out more about the history of this concept and how it has evolved until these times.

The Threats

Freedom of speech is a nice concept and everyone agrees with it. Moreover, when your freedom of speech is restricted, most people react against it. Because you should be able to express yourself freely. But while this personal expression should be done with empathy and respect toward others, people are going sometimes too far. Their freedom of speech transforms into manipulation, discrimination, and fake news, which can bring a toll on our societies.

It is the recent case of the ex-president of the US, Donald Trump, who used his Twitter account to express his opinions freely. However, these opinions have only fueled extremist groups who then besieged the Capitol. Moreover, the industry of fake news is continuously growing and more and more people fall into this trap. Knowing how to identify fake news is thus very important and essential and it can help you prevent manipulation and discrimination.


Freedom of speech is something our ancestors have fought for. Nowadays, when everyone has freedom of speech, it sometimes gets transformed into fake news, discrimination, and manipulation. The freedom to express your thoughts, opinions, and emotions is very important for marketers that want to grow their business or brand. Moreover, this allows them to create an authentic and genuine interaction with their target audience, encouraging them to express their opinion too. Feedback on products and services is also an opinion expression, which comes with benefits both for customers and businesses.

In a world that is dominated partially by discrimination and manipulation, it is important to express your opinion with respect for others and know how to spot fake news.

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