Guarantee A Response: What You Need To Know About A Cold Email Template

Entrepreneurs and marketers that have been a part of a successful startup knows that cold email templates are sometimes their best way to get their very first sales. They might not have a lot of people waiting at the door of their store or a vast network on LinkedIn that could almost knock it down because what they do is something people desperately need.

The key is to create the demand in a creative, clever and fun way. Fortunately, a cold email can be just like that. It is a compelling masterpiece that is very helpful to gain sales and manage SEO if you only know how to do it right.

There is no particular formula for writing a perfect cold email, but here are some ways that you can do to give yourself a great opportunity of getting a response.

Choose a narrow target

Sometimes the style of writing an email can make it stand out like acting as if the sender knows you. You should have an idea of the perfect and ideal customer like their position in the company, their industry, their annual revenue, and the number of employees. Then create a lead list to research and go after.

Look for leads

An excellent place to look at the potential customer and the person you should be emailing is through LinkedIn. Many tools can help you get more information on a prospect just within Gmail.

It enables you to test various email formats to search for someone’s email, and if their email got linked to any social media, it would show up when you get it correctly.

Develop a lead magnet

We usually think of lead magnets as being cheat sheets or e-books we produce on a landing page to obtain someone’s email address. But personalizing lead magnets is also possible.

For example, your ideal client is the marketing manager managing a one hundred to five hundred person under digital marketing company like Las Vegas SEO that gains ten million dollars revenue every year.

Depending on the products and service you offer, either social media marketing or SEO management, you can think of a way to examine their firm at a very high level.

Perfect the subject line

You could spend a whole day writing the best body of your email, but if no one opens the email, all your efforts will go to waste. That’s why it is important to have a compelling subject. Figure out what you want to say and then narrow that request into five to seven words.

Once you’ve come up with those five to seven words, make sure that the words you are using can speak to the interests of the recipient and can communicate what you would like from that email exchange.

Keep the email simple, short and written like a human

Many people are busy, and they already have a full inbox. That’s why we should not make things worse. Try to keep the email short, sweet and straightforward. It is not necessary to use a lot of words in creating an email. It should be concise and brief.

One of the excellent ways to keep the email sweet and short is to write like a human in a conversational tone. Writing an email like you are just talking to someone makes it feel much more relevant and approachable.

Be humorous or light-hearted

Emails that have humor received 46% open rate according to Yesware. Sometimes, it is not necessary that the email is funny, but the email should contain a clear and friendly language. You can test your methods, and you will eventually learn what works over time.

Track clicks or opens and ready your follow up

If you are using a tool which can help you know when a potential customer clicked the link and checked your lead magnet, you will be able to follow up with a fired response.


Cold email doesn’t have to make you feel like a hard-hearted individual. If done correctly and strategically, optimized and measured over time, you will realize that the results are amazing, even for high-quality services.

There is not a specific formula for writing a cold email. However, using the strategies above should help you create a better impression and hopefully gain a response from the recipient.

About the Author Lamiia Massey

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