What is an auto-dialer system and how can it help your business?

Using an autodialer offers plenty of advantages to your business. It increases sales and revenue, saves time, provides managerial skills, boosts employee morale, and helps with marketing strategy.

The concept of auto-dialing is not new at all in the marketing industry. It has been around since the invention of telephones. Outbound calling, telemarketing, and autodialer were all strategies used to increase sales.

However, what has changed in recent times is that marketers and business owners have found new ways to use these tools for business growth. Interested in using an auto-dialer system for your business? Read on to find out all you need to know about auto-dialer and how it can help your business.

The Definition of Auto-Dialer

An auto-dialer system, also spelled as autodialer, is an electronic device or an outbound dialer software that dials and manages telephone numbers automatically. It uses a computer algorithm to dial the phone numbers saved in its databases and automatically assign call representatives.

It enables you to assign calls to different agents depending on the area you are in. Once the call has been answered, the auto-dialer may play a recorded message or connect the call to a live agent.

Auto-dialer systems can be used in all commercial settings. Especially those involving lots of phone conversations such as call centers, hospitals, businesses in real estate, political marketing, weather forecasting, financial service providers, and education sectors to reach out to a large number of clients and send automated messages.

For most business owners, using an auto-dialer system is one of the best platforms to get personalized messages across the line and communicate to active customers at an appropriate time to foster a profitable relationship.

9 Ways An Auto-dialer System Can Help Your Business

If you have never used an auto-dialer system, you’ll probably wonder why you’d need an autodialer for your business. However, if your staff is still struggling with dialing customers’ numbers manually or if your business has been losing customers due to a poor communication system, then an autodialer might be just what you need. Here are the nine ways an auto-dialer system can improve your business.

1. Cancels Manual Dialing

An auto-dialer makes it easier to reach the right customers with just a few clicks by automating the calling process. Simply start by dialing a ratio of telephone numbers to reach the target customers or audience. It manages and blends inbound and outbound calls. It prevents long call handling and saves energy for users.

More so, an autodialer system eliminates the need for users to spend pointless time dialing each telephone number they need to call. This way, you can focus on more important things and save time.

2. Boosts Employee Morale

Providing employees with certain modern gadgets such as an autodialer system will relieve staff of some tasks or provide them the convenience to get heavy tasks done on time. It helps achieve specific goals in record time, which will undoubtedly affect the company’s finances positively. Creating an automated environment makes the work experience better, which results in better performance of the staff.

3. Speeds Up Sales And Revenue

A smart predictive auto-dialer system like the Call Cowboy auto-dialer comes in handy with its ability to capture the telephone numbers of potential customers and dial them automatically. Instead of wasting time calling people who are not interested in the products or services you offer, you can directly approach your target market because an autodialer has already filtered out inactive contacts that aren’t prospective consumers.

By automating calls, your sales will increase and you’ll be able to build trust with more people within a shorter period. In turn, this increases your call connect rate and yields more revenue for you.

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4. Saves Time

Auto-dialers help decrease the time spent on calling a customer since it automatically filters the calls through the answering machine detection to connect you to the right customers.

This saves time and the cost of labor involved in performing tasks such as dialing phone numbers manually, listening to voicemails, and scheduling call-backs.

5. Provides Managerial Skills

Some businesses use the auto-dialer machine to provide specific managerial skills for their businesses instead of spending extra fees to hire a person to perform such tasks. They monitor, analyze, and manage their businesses with the database provided by the auto-dialer system.

It saves costs on hiring more staff, which makes room for more business profit. All you have to do is input the commands you want it to manage for you. It is more efficient and reliable.

6. Helps with Marketing Strategy

An auto-dialer system may help businesses with their marketing strategy. It helps you reach the target audience quickly and easily by selecting the phone numbers of people who fit the client criteria.

You can provide the market research team with reports made from the automatic dialing system to assess customer’s past experience in the business and improve, use campaign reports by assessing individual campaigns based on the system’s report and integrating digital marketing trends in your marketing strategy.

7. Bulk Message Delivery

Some auto-dialers have extra functions like the “mass text app” that allows the staff to create and send messages to the target audience in bulk. This is a way of making the work easier for the team, and the message also gets to target customers on time.

It automatically alerts you or the manager when it has reached its limit with the threshold and organizes outbound calling processes as well.

8. Live Mentoring

Certain auto-dialers have features for live mentoring functions where you can offer live mentoring services to the staff you think or know they need.

Live mentoring helps you assess a situation right on time as it is happening before it escalates. It also helps you check on staff’s performance, struggles, and progress, and points out opportunities, among other things, to know where to help and come in as a mentor. This will foster a cordial staff and employer relationship.

9. Recording Features

Auto-dialer organizes and manages the client’s database. It keeps all the important business records so you can easily access them whenever you need to. It also groups the callers into the categories you want so you can access the dormant and active ones conveniently.

This feature also allows access to the call recordings to know the efficient and inefficient staff and determine those that need more training on customer relationship management.

5 Types Of Auto-Dialer System

There are different types of auto-dialer systems with distinct features. The most popular ones include:

1. Smart Auto-Dialer System

A smart auto-dialer system can personalize messages and receive touch tone or speech feedback using a message template that consists of variables that can be replaced later by actual values. It also uses a speech engine to convert text to speech and for recognizing speech over the phone.

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2. Semi Auto-Dialer System

A semi auto-dialer system is a human-controlled auto-dialer. Everything performed on it, such as recording, playing audio messages, dialing, is commanded by humans by pressing a button that activates the needed function. Telemarketing agents mostly use it.

3. Preview Auto-Dialer System

A preview auto-dialer is used in a scenario where the user wants to preview information about the individual he is about to talk to before proceeding with the call. It allows users to place an outbound call or skip it.

This gives room for proper preparation on the user’s side before speaking with the client. It’s suitable for a business that runs on small-scale customer interaction.

4. Progressive Auto-Dialer System

A progressive auto-dialer system doesn’t allow the user to decide whether they want to place a call or not. The dialer immediately places the call once the previous call has ended. This is suitable for businesses that need to reach as many customers as possible in a short amount of time.

5. Predictive Auto-Dialer System

A predictive dialer is a smart system that processes and manages both outbound and inbound calls. It can perform all of the above-listed functions. It uses computer algorithms to dial phone numbers saved in its databases and regularly assign calls to the specific representatives.

The auto-dialer uses real-time analysis to know when to dial more numbers and can dial multiple phone numbers at once. It has a feature that can predict when a user will be through with the current call. It’s the most efficient auto-dialer in terms of reaching as many clients as possible on a huge scale.

13 Attributes Of An Auto-Dialer System

Auto-dialer systems come with various attributes that help you discover strategic ways to approach your active customers in different business settings. These features include:

1. Unresponsive Numbers

Auto-dialer systems are designed to determine a phone number that is not worth being on your priority call list to avoid cold calling, resulting in a waste of time and resources. Such numbers may be a busy line or go straight to an answering machine. This feature is a great time saver as it allows you to get in touch with the target audience on time rather than talking or waiting on a non-responsive audience.

2. Comprehensive Dashboard

Auto-dialer provides a comprehensive dashboard that allows users to have an overview of the outbound calling campaign process. Through this, both users and managers can assess performance, activity levels, and statistics involving calls.

3. Contact Segmentation

An auto-dialer can help filter all telephone numbers listed according to the needs. For instance, you can input a contact segment like ‘do not call’ (DNC) list so that you don’t make the mistake of calling people who don’t wish to be called. Probably, these people prefer to receive a text message than to take a call because of their busy schedule or personal reasons.

4. Integrates Well With Other Software

An auto-dialer system works well with other system software concerning customer contact information like customer relationship management (CRM) tools. These are tools used by entrepreneurs to manage and track customer data and preferences. When integrated, an auto-dialer can update the customer database as provided by the CRM tools.

5. Contact List Management

It also has a feature that helps you manage and filter the contact list to comply with the appropriate requirements. You can easily upload the customer contact information from other databases. Having up-to-date contact information is essential for any business, and an auto-dialer can easily do that for you.

6. Call Transfer Feature

This enables you to transfer a call to another device or person quickly. You don’t have to be worried about not having access to your office phone, especially during an emergency situation wherein you cannot take any calls. You can easily use an Auto-dialer to transfer a call to another employee or supervisor.

7. Monitoring And Recording of Calls

This feature helps to optimize the quality assurance of your calls. Sometimes, on a business call, a robot-sounding voice informs you about the call being recorded or monitored for security and reference purposes. That is the monitoring feature talking. A situation may arise that may call for assessing the phone interactions to gather insights on the caller’s performance and know which areas he can improve.

8. Schedules Callback Time

It’s almost impossible to reach every customer on the first attempt. Auto-dialer helps resolve this with its call scheduling features. If someone misses your call, such a person’s contact number will be added back to the list of people you have to call back, so you don’t miss your chance of speaking with the client.

9. Time Management

It’s normal to be confused about the appropriate time to speak with a client due to differences in time zones and schedules. However, you can easily use the auto-dialer system to adjust to the client’s time zone and convenient schedule, so you’d only call at the best time.

10. Broadcast Message

Apart from its call recording feature, it can also deliver pre-recorded messages when the receivers answer the call. Most businesses do have one or more broadcast messages already recorded to suit different call situations. Auto-dialers can fit such messages right in the cases that warrant it.

11. Menu Options

Auto-dialers provide users with the menu to select the right option for the action they want to perform. The broadcast message mostly requires an action from the caller. For instance, you may hear “select option 2 to connect to the sales manager”, “press 3 to talk to an agent” among other options. An auto-dialer makes all these possible.

12. Secured Information System

Like most software, the auto-dialer system has a security system to put a check on intruders or unauthorized persons who are trying to gain access to information saved in it. This should be put in place to protect the company’s integrity and keep customers’ records safe.

13. Speed Call Check

Some auto-dialers have a feature that allows you to go automatically into another call even though you are not done with the current phone call yet. It can be a form of a disadvantage sometimes with regard to the time a user needs to accommodate both conversations. But you can simply set the speed call to the way you want.


It’s not news that technology keeps advancing daily, which means every software system keeps improving with new features being added day by day. Using an autodialer offers plenty of advantages to your business. It increases sales and revenue, saves time, provides managerial skills, boosts employee morale, and helps with marketing strategy. However, before you select an auto-dialer system, make sure that its features fit your specific business needs—to help your brand thrive and generate more sales.


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