What are the best features of Rootstock software?


Rootstock is one of the best all-in-one solutions for various types of business, no matter how great or small. Moreover, it’s built and can be integrated into Salesforce’s cloud platform to provide you with all of the necessary features within a single tool.

So, what are these amazing features we (and everyone else) are constantly going on about? Let’s delve deeper into the topic, and talk more about the features that will, hopefully, make all of the difference for your business.

Managing All of the Logistics and From One Place

Rootstock can automate the entire sales process, from monitoring the production and inventory to staying on top of the supply chain at all times. You can take Rootstock training and learn how to use its intuitive drag and drop tool to create schedules, monitor and plan projects, and accurately keep track of purchased items as well as available materials and parts.

Rootstock will also make monitoring your inventory easier and more accurate, by keeping track, creating summaries, and providing detailed item reviews. You’ll also be able to manage and track all supply and demand information, receive in-depth information, and make adjustments as needed.

One of the most popular (and useful) aspects of Rootstock is that it enables you to create automatic and manual forecasts based on existing data. So, you can know whether your plan will be a success or not before starting to realize it. Finally, you’ll be able to use actual, standard, and FIFO costing to manage the finances of a project.

Track Sales More Efficiently

Rootstock features the Salesforce Sales Cloud to help you process your orders in an easier, more convenient way. The sales order software also allows you to turn quotes and estimates into sales orders, no matter how complex they are. Additionally, you’ll be able to configure both products and non-product items (e.i. warranties and labor), as well as create orders for stock items.

Rootstock has also added a feature that accurately measures realistic costs of inventory — allowing you to establish a more profitable price point for each item. What all of these features provide to your business is the ability to always keep accurate track of sales, prices, etc., and make decisions accordingly. Thus, you’ll start earning back the cost of software and implementation, and the investment will pay itself off in no time.

An All-Encompassing Solution

Arguably the best part of Rootstock software is that, when combined with Salesforce CRM, it offers a 360-solution. Thus, it will encompass all aspects of your business, and allows you to manage them from a single platform. You can keep track of the distribution, manufacturing, finances, analytics, reports, and much more for complete visibility of your business and customer interactions.

In doing so, you’ll eliminate the gap between several types of software, and decrease the margin of error and likelihood of missing any piece of information. However, admittedly, this does sound like an enormous undertaking — and it is.

Final Thoughts

Rootstock is an incredibly powerful piece of software that offers a high ROI and is definitely worth investing your time and money into. Hopefully, these Rootstock features will help you grow and improve your business by running it more efficiently and give your customers a better experience.