Top 5 advertising trends you need to watch out for in 2021

While 2020 has passed within the blink of an eye, none of us are sad that it’s coming to an end. In fact, we’re eagerly looking forward to what 2021 has in store for everyone around the globe; but more importantly, for the digital realm!

That said, although there are innumerable advertising strategies that are likely to flourish in the coming years, here are our top 5 predictions that are sure to be at the helm of the ad industry in 2021 meaning you cannot afford to miss out on them.

Let’s take a look at the key trends that you need to watch out for.

1. AI-Based Programmatic Ad

The inception of programmatic ads delivered through AI (artificial intelligence) is likely to be one of the biggest trends that 2021 will ever unveil – enabling businesses to target a specific demographic.

Additionally, with the number of programmatic mediums being leveraged to reach out to a wider audience base growing at a faster pace, properly managing them all could become increasingly difficult. That’s where AI can make all the difference!

By using real-time adaptation and targeting signals, artificial intelligence allows you to run marketing campaigns or individual ads through various channels.

What’s more, alongside this form of advertising, other trends like the usage of voice commands and voice search, inception of 5G networks or blockchain are also likely to witness a surge in the next year.

As per reports, nearly 40% of customers rely on voice search – be it for shopping their favourite products or searching Google for information – meaning brands can begin developing their own voice apps and enhance their engagement with both new and existing customers.

2. Display Ads

Creating display advertisements by placing catchy texts, attention grabbing images or engaging videos is another trend that’s expected to experience a boom in 2021.

This type of advertising has been steadily increasing in popularity and is known to improve your overall customer engagement.

Numerous reports have also shown that display advertisements featuring enthralling videos have the potential to enhance your business’ CTR by nearly 15% – now, isn’t that a trend that’s absolutely worth giving a shot?

Moreover, display ads enable you to leverage customer data that has been gathered from the sites visited in the past and unveil them with personalised advertisements. This way, you get to place emphasis on what your visitors are likely to come across in their next visit.

This method is popularly termed as “remarketing” and although it has been here for a while, we believe that it’s going to be the go-to trend in the next year.

3. In-App Ads

With people around the world heavily relying on their smartphones amid this pandemic, mobile ads (popularly known as in-app ads) are sure to be the biggest trend in 2021 – not to mention an excellent way for brands to connect with their customers.

That said, businesses not only have to familiarise themselves with these devices but also focus more on mobile ads.

While there are innumerable mobile advertisements to choose from, the “story” format has been increasing in popularity so much so that even platforms like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook have adopted it. The best part about this format is you can now post stories longer than 15 seconds and also design your own filters to build engaging experiences.

Another trend that’s gaining popularity is the in-game ads – if you’ve ever played a game on your mobile, you’d know what we mean!

Although it’s frustrating when you’re forced to watch an ad in the middle of the game, this is one such tactic that every developer has in affiliation with the brand to offer a game that’s free.

No matter how annoying it is to watch ads in between games, users still roll with it – after all, everyone loves things that are for free, don’t we?

In addition, it has been found that apps like Facebook Messenger, WeChat and WhatsApp when combined have over 4bn users every month. Given these figures, it only makes sense for brands to focus and invest more in mobile ads to engage customers at an alarming rate.

4. Video Ads

Though video ads aren’t a new trend in town, with the Internet, technology and smartphones evolving at a faster rate, it’s one form of advertising that’s here to stay – not to mention create a lasting impact on the digital realm!

When it comes to video advertising, there are several creative communication approaches within it that are likely to come to light in 2021.

Conducting live sessions is one of the innovative ways of communicating with customers since real-time videos are gaining significant popularity on a daily basis. This has further opened doors for brands to uncover different advertising strategies through this form of content.

Given the plethora of content available on many digital platforms, customers have started losing their interest in the notion of watching long presentations and commercials ads.

As a matter of fact, people are looking for something that’s fast, concise and to the point.

With that being the case, and given the inception of Instagram Reels, short-form and easy-to-watch video ads are sure to sit on the digital throne in the next year.

5. Personalised Ads

Also termed as customised advertising, this format refers to the potential of displaying ads that are fully personalised to the target audience you’re trying to reach.

The best example of a personalised ad would be the extensive use of one-on-one videos. These are shared by brands as an alternative to old-school cold-calls.

Given that customers are always on the lookout for such innovative, engaging and personalised ads (just so you know, they’re least interested in generic ads!), we deem that this is one of those trends that every brand should take complete advantage of in the next year!

To Sum Up

Although 2020 has been a year like no other (not in a good way, of course!), the next year does look exciting – beaming with endless opportunities for brands to create bespoke and personalised content for both existing and new clients.

2021 looks bright – so ensure that you’re making the most of these and other advertising trends!

Author Bio

Aishwarya works as the Content Head at Beach Marketing. She loves to write about all things marketing, SEO hacks and green living. When she’s not putting pen to paper, she’s busy traveling and exploring every nook and cranny of the world!