A sneak peek into the best prospecting tools for sales in 2021


Salespeople are supposed to feed the sales pipeline with the right information and from it, get as many customers as possible. But to achieve these goals, there are strategies and technologies that should be used. First, the salespeople gather prospects into the sales funnel and then apply the right strategies to convert them into customers.

The best prospecting tools for sales help people gather information on prospects and engage them in a better way. Fortunately, you can get your sales and marketing team the right tool for the work with ease. Here are the top ones.

Tropare tProspector

B2B companies that have deployed sales teams into the field require a powerful and effective prospecting tool. The tProspector tool from Troparé Inc. is one of the best prospecting tools for sales, and you can rely on it at any time. It is a lookup tool that provides numerous leads and connections to give you as many leads as possible.

Users are supposed to pay for the tool and choose between a mobile app or desktop option, depending on what is convenient for them. Try it today for insightful intelligence.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is a large professional network with millions of users. Depending on the type of business, you can easily find many prospects here. After the company realized that potential customers for different businesses can be tapped, they came up with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This tool gathers information on prospects through the use of filters, assists in saving these details, and even sending them promotional emails.

Although it is a paid tool, it is one of the best prospecting tools for sales that any business, especially those targeting corporations, can use. So, check if it will be helpful in your business and start using it to get more prospects.


Any visitor of your business website becomes a prospect automatically because it means that they are interested in your products. But how do you track all those who visit your website? LeadFeeder is the right solution for you. So, it tracks the people who visit your website (whether they represent a company or not), collects their details, and gives you a lot more insights.

Additionally, you can sync it with Google Analytics to know the web pages they have been visiting and the duration they were there. Such great information will be beneficial to you when conducting promotions. Just like many other excellent prospecting tools for sales, you have to pay for it every month.


This email lookup prospecting tool is amazing and has created a great reputation for itself over the years. Unlike its competitors, this tool can integrate with popular CRMs such as HubSpot and Salesforce to get even more prospects for your business.

It has a credit system that salespeople use to verify emails before sending information to avoid wasting time and resources. To make it more effective, Prospect.io can synchronize with a Google Chrome extension, which is a great thing.


If you are still looking for the best prospecting tools for sales, look no more since Vainu is all your sales team needs. Using the numerous filters, the company can give its prospects a tailored experience. It also has a real-time database with updated information for you to utilize.

In addition to getting a notification about any prospect that meets your criteria, you also get reminders to do follow-ups. Hence, this is a great prospecting tool that suits many businesses.


With all these options for the best prospecting tools for sales, you have no excuse for inaction as a salesperson or a marketing expert. It is possible to increase the customer base of any company and establish a good relationship with them. So, what are you waiting for?