Success with every click: A guide to PPC

Advertising and marketing is the most innovative and challenging field in the world right now and is the one arena that drives the world and the global economy forward. Advertising helps connect consumers with products and services in the most effective way and drives global consumerism around the world regardless of what product or service they offer such as IT, ITeS, Consumer goods, produce etc.

For technological products and services, the advent of Search Engine Optimisation, AdWords and Pay per Click/ PPC services have been a boon. These services have been the backbone of online technological business and trading for the last decade.

What are Adwords?

Adwords are keywords that are bid upon by online providers or websites that need customers to land on to their site based on their specific searches on the search engine. Search engine AdWords are the most used form of PPC services for advertising since the potential users for the keywords use search engines such as Google to search for their queries. Google Adwords (now Google Ads) is one of the most prominent vendors who auction PPC services to sellers.

PPC Services and Google Ads

Google runs an intensive bid billions of times a day each time a new keyword is searched into its search engines by a user. The Google algorithm works to alert the product or service providers for the keywords that they intend to use for their unique PPC service. The auction that takes place takes into account two significant criteria before it determines which site can lead and which site follows on the search result page – it is conclusive that the higher the ad ranking, the better clicks to that site. The two significant criteria that decide this is the Maximum bid value and the quality score.

Maximum Bid or CPC

Cost per click or the Max bid value for your PPC service campaign determines the price that you are willing to shell out for the ad each time a user clicks on it. This value is very crucial as the CPC can not be too high, which means that there is hardly any margin over your PPC service campaign. Digital marketers and Advertisers spend many hours researching and working on the lowest optimal costs for each keyword so that the CPC can be kept low, and still, the site would generate enough traffic.

In a nominal trend, the CPC is different for each kind of ad based on the stream it is related to such as health, real estate, education, FMCG, etc. The CPC can be as low as $0.2 to as high as $6 per word. Notably, not all high CPC keywords are compelling and competitive. Search engines such as Google also help good sites that create good content and attractive ads by bringing down their CPC value and helping them place more bids.

Quality Score

Quality score is a subjective attribute which is calculated by Google based on how well the content of the landing page is, the relevance of the keywords to the ads and the Click-Through-Rate of the site. Google also gives preference to those who have a history of good performance with bids and more traffic generated in the past by using quality PPC service campaigns.

The best method to have a higher ranking on the Google search page for your PPC Service campaign would be to keep the CPC low but make sure the Quality Score is high and therefore arrive on a higher ranking as the ad rank is the product of the CPC and Quality Score. The PPC campaign that lands in the top ad ranks gets the most response and traffic eventually.

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