How is SharePoint intranet improving internal communication?

Modern Sharepoint, as part of Office 365, provides the opportunity for an organization to completely streamline its company communication practices.  When considering Classic vs Modern SharePoint, Microsoft makes it clear that Modern is the future. Designed to provide a comprehensive platform for document control and collaboration across departments, Modern Sharepoint is an intranet that allows easy access to information and reduces time spent on face to face meetings and extensive email threads.

It’s Personal

Once installed, by a Modern Sharepoint specialist, each department can set up its own group settings, with options for newsletters, news updates and personal profiles.  Department document libraries can be installed within the company intranet, to provide easy access to information that is only relevant to that department. This streamlines company communication, by separating inter-department communication from whole company information.

For example, your geology department will have documents regarding ore bodies, intersects, and mapping that can be stored internally in their own storage area.

Crossing the great divide

One of the brilliant things about Modern Sharepoint is the accessibility to the company desktop environment from any location, and from any device.  Your entire team can log in and view or edit documents from literally anywhere with an internet connection.

This allows enormous flexibility and greatly increased productivity, as the location is not a barrier to reviewing documents or collaborating on projects.

The cloud storage feature is a benefit to all companies whether you have multiple office locations across geographical regions, out-sourced or home workers or teams in remote mine sites or off-shore rigs.  Having the availability to communicate at an in-depth level, and having access to the same files and information without being in the office completely changes the capabilities of the workforce.

Complete collaboration

The implementation of the Modern Sharepoint intranet provides the opportunity for genuine and efficient collaboration across and within departments.  Projects can progress without the delays caused by team members being out of the office or away from their desks.  No-one is disadvantaged by not having access to particular paper-work or essential documents that need to be sighted.

Operational enhancement

Time spent accessing, completing and submitting forms is greatly streamlined with the Modern Sharepoint intranet.  The Form Centre is customised for each company, so access is instant, with minimal searching. Raising purchase orders, IT support tickets, leave forms are now simple operations, leaving time for more productive pursuits.  Sharepoint also improves search times and search terms can be customised to each individual organisation allowing documents to be located using specific fields rather than just via file names.

In the know

Internal knowledge is a key driver to a successful company.  The intranet, run on a Modern Sharepoint platform, encourages company-wide access to all internal knowledge, removing hindrances to operational tasks.  No longer do workers have to wait for Jan to come back from lunch, or Roger to get back from the site to find out vital information.

Modern SharePoint is designed for comprehensive communication within a company and will give your organisation a fully workable platform for your intranet and collaborative spaces.