Prevent alteration of your MS Word documents by doing these easy steps

You might have worked with a series of files or documents in the past and encountered a mishap. For some reason, some words, passages, or even charts were either omitted or changed. Some are caused by human error. Others are caused by formatting issues when exporting a document into another platform. For example, when you export a Mac Page document into a Word document for Windows computers. This issue could have been avoided by creating a Word to PDF online. By creating a PDF version of your existing Word document, you protect its formatting and text.

Gogo PDF: Creating PDF Version is Fast and Easy!

If you are intimidated by many PDF converters out there, then it stops today. Gogo PDF is fast and easy to use. It is an online converter tool that relies on cloud technology. This technology will scan and convert your files into their PDF equivalent. The good news is, this process does not rely on your computer processes. This situation frees your machine from getting too much processing task or memory. Unlike other converter tools wherein you need to download and install the program, Gogo PDF only needs your browser to work.

When converting, there are only three things you need to ensure that your MS Word files get converted to PDF:

A Mac or PC

Gogo PDF is compatible with any computing platform. You can even use a mobile computer to do the conversion process. The idea of Gogo PDF is straightforward. It uploads your document to the cloud. Gogo PDF scans the document and converts it into its PDF equivalent. A copy of that document gets downloaded for you to share. In cases where your files are wiped out from your computer, you have a backup copy of those files. However, this capability is available when you switch to the pro version. The pro version allows you to store as many files as you want in the Gogo PDF database. With Gogo PDF, there is also no limit to the size of the files you are processing.

A Dedicated Browser

A reliable browser such a Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, or any working browser today will work. The Gogo PDF website is also simple and easy to navigate. The minimalist approach of the tool makes it attractive to people of all professions.

Internet connection

A stable internet connection can help you with more significant tasks. While you can use Gogo PDF with mobile data, it is best to have a stable Wi-Fi connection when working with multiple files. This allows you to multi-task and also upload and download as many files as you want without lagging. Cloud technology is fast and reliable, so you get your work done on time.

Steps in Converting Word to PDF Online

  1. You need to go to the official Gogo Pdf website using your dedicated browser. You can use your search engine if you don’t have the address yet. This will get you to the Gogo PDF tool page.
  2. The tool page will display all the tools for you to help you with your task. Select the one that says Word to PDF. Clicking that link will direct you to the online converter tool. You can drag and drop your documents. The converter box will begin scanning and converting your document. It would help if you wait for a bit until the conversion process turns your Word document into a PDF document. When it is done, you can download and share the document.

Advantages of Turning MS Word Files into PDF

Converting your Word files into PDF makes them easy to read. There is no danger of getting charts or lines skewed by accident. There is no danger of altering the text by accident. A PDF format is also compatible with all platforms. Having a PDF copy of the same document makes it easy for you to open that document anywhere. If it’s an Ebook, then there is no need for you to have an E-reader to read it. The PDF document can be viewed anywhere, even using your mobile phone. Your documents will also have a high-level accuracy as Gogo PDF converts the files, sacrificing no detail.