PDFBear: Managing PDF Pages Through Merge, Split, and Converter


Looking for other options for better file management? Having challenges with handling PDFs? Or maybe, you’re feeling thrifty and you do not want to spend a dime on those Adobe programs? Then you found the right article. Aside from learning more about PDF management, we will also get to know more about PDFBear.

The Importance of Managing Your PDF Pages

Why do we need to learn and understand the essence of managing our PDFs? Think of your electronic files as if it was your office papers, only paperless. Or as if it was your personal stuff at home, which needs a proper and meticulous arrangement. What do these have to do with split and merge PDFs? Self and time management are crucial in these situations.

You can draw yourself closer to success when you manage your electronic files well. You can save both effort and time when your documents are well-arranged. And as you well know, efficient time management is one of the most important factors considered by most successful people.

PDFBear Tool: PDF Merge

The first tool we will uncover is PDFBear’s PDF merge. If you have too many PDFs on your desktop or laptop that needs to be combined, PDF merge is your top pick. It is not ideal to have too many files on your folders as it consumes too much space and provides confusion. If you have PDFs that seem compatible to be in a single file, why not combine them?

To merge your PDFs into an individual file, choose the “Merge PDF” option from the PDFBear main page. You can use the manual upload by clicking the “Select Files” button and locate your file. You can also just drag your PDF to the PDFBear Dropbox immediately. After uploading the first PDF, you will now have the option to add more pages.

After uploading all your PDFs, click the “Merge PDF” button. Within less than a minute, you now have combined all your PDF into an individual electronic file: more effective file management, less hassle, and less populated desktop. This process can only be done when you are using PDFBear. You cannot perform PDF merge without the paid Adobe tools.

PDFBear Tool: PDF Split

Since we have already learned how to combine PDF pages, we will also uncover how to separate and individualize them. PDFBear’s PDF split is your best choice to perform these page separations. Like that of PDF merge, you cannot merely perform these tasks without the paid programs and the help of PDFBear.

There are instances wherein we receive PDF files that are not compatible to be together in one file. Learning how to individualize them and segregate them efficiently is an essential factor. The same uploading procedure applies to the PDF split, and then you can select the pages you want to detach from your base PDF. You can save your separated PDF pages right away.

PDFBear Tool: PDF Converter

Now, if you are up to making large amounts of alterations to your PDFs, PDFBear PDF converter is your best choice. This tool is what you should use to transform your less-modifiable PDFs to more vulnerable ones. You can convert them to their most accessible format for you to access more options and tools to edit your PDF content.

For instance, you have a PDF in Word format that needs significant changes, and then you can use the PDF converter tool to change its structure to MS Word. After converting, you will have more accessibility in editing your content as if you were typing a composition in MS Word. The same goes for your Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

The PDFBear PDF converter tool works in a versatile manner, as you can transfigure your PDFs to other formats and the other way around. You can also choose photo enthusiasts from JPG and PNG conversions, depending on your wants and needs. PDFBear supports the most available electronic file formats for PDF conversions, including PDF/A.


For you to learn more about PDF management, it is best to know more about PDFBear. With PDFBear, you can attain optimum PDF file management. With its versatile and fast-working tools, you will have better options to operate with your PDFs.