PDFBear: A Complete PDF Tool for All Platforms And Devices


PDF is widely used worldwide for all types of document management. It is one of the go-to choices of many professionals to preserve files. Because of this, the use of PDF converters has become very in-demand.

However, some PDF converters require a paid membership, and it is only accessible on a few devices and operating systems. Luckily for you, there is an alternative platform that you can use where you can perform various types of PDF management and modification. In this article, we will take a look at this web-based PDF converter.

PDFBear: The Best Alternative for a PDF Tool

PDFBear is an online PDF management tool, where you can convert, organize, optimize, and edit all types of PDF files. One of its most basic functions is converting different files to PDF, and you can also convert your existing PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more.

It is a free online software where you will not be required to sign up for minimal actions. All you need to do is to visit their website to enjoy all the features. It is one of the best alternative PDF tools today that does not promise convenience, but good quality.

What can you do with PDFBear?

With PDFBear, you can pretty much do all types of functions needed when converting to a PDF software and all kinds of maintenance to keep your PDF files organized. Once you are on their website, you need to follow four simple steps for all types of processes, and you are good. In about a minute or two, your request will be done. Let’s take a look at each of them.


Regardless if you are converting a document, presentation, or spreadsheet files to PDF, you can rely on PDFBear to help you. Moreover, this platform also caters to image files such as JPG, PNG, and TIFF. By following the same steps as the other files, your images can be converted, and consolidated, to a single PDF document. And you can also use it to convert your PDF back to its original file format.


If you have an existing PDF file and you need to make some modifications, PDFBear will do it for you. Using their online tool, you can easily merge multiple PDF files and split some pages of an existing PDF. Moreover, it will also allow you to delete some pages of your PDF document. With this tool, you can say goodbye to all the cluttered documents on your computer.


There are times when your PDF file suddenly gets corrupted. It can either be a result of a failed conversion using another software or it can be something that is caused by viruses. Regardless of the case, you do not need to worry. PDFBear can repair your corrupted PDF files. Additionally, this tool can also compress your PDF file if you need to make a copy of lesser file size.


Do you need to add page numbers, watermark, rotate some pages, or even sign a PDF document? All these features are available at PDFBear. By uploading your PDF document on the website, you can make these maintenance tasks with no hassle.

Key Points to Remember

Finding a reliable alternative for a PDF converter may be a bit of a challenge for some. To help you decide easier, here are some things that you need to know about PDFBear:

  • You do not need to install anything. PDFBear will not ask you to download or install anything on your computer. All processes will be done online.
  • You can guarantee the file’s quality. Some users worry that when they convert their files to PDF, it may sacrifice the quality. PDFBear makes sure that the quality of your files will remain the same even after processing the document on their site.
  • You can access it using any device – PDFBear is compatible across all devices and operating systems. Therefore, you do not need to switch from one device to another.
  • You are sure of its safety – Bound by its Privacy Policy, PDFBear ensures that all information uploaded and saved on their website are protected from potential hackers.

Want to know more about PDFBear? Visit their website today, and experience a convenient all-in-one PDF tool!