Necklace for girlfriend: 28 hand picked items that will please her!

Are you confused about what gift to send to your girl? Flowers? Bags? Lipstick? Perfume? Chocolate? We do not recommend to follow the trend, and give your girlfriend an unsurprising gift without thought and care.

Are you confused about what gift to give to your girl? Flowers? Bags? Lipstick? Perfume? Chocolate? We do not recommend to follow the trend, and give your girlfriend an unsurprising gift without thought and care. If you don’t prepare, it is very difficult to meet her expectation and make her happy with the gift.

Not to mention that if you don’t know anything about makeup or cosmetics, you might end up sending her the wrong lipstick shade, fragrance, or cosmetics that are not suitable for her?

That will definitely be a catastrophe that consumes your money and wastes your time! Send flowers to those with pollen allergy? Send chocolate to those on a diet?

Just like Marilyn Monroe said: “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Jewelry is always the best choice when you really want to give a gift to your girlfriend, and I guaranteed that she will like it.

Necklace for girlfriend: 28 hand picked items that will please her!

And don’t worry, we don’t recommend that you actually buy expensive diamonds for her, unless you are really willing to of course. In this case, you have our best wishes.

For those who are seeking for a more affordable solution, all you need is quality, fashionable and affordable fine jewelry, such as the following list of hand picked necklace that every woman will like.

For this reason, we have categorised the jewelry by style. All you only need to do is choose the one that is most similar to her style, based on simple observation.

Pearl necklace for girlfriend: elegant and romantic

Pearls are said to be a design highlight that never fades in the industry of jewelry. Whether they go as the main character or a supporting role, pearls can always achieve a fine tuning touch.

In addition to being used as a densely chained necklace or a pair of complicated metal earrings, or as an embellishment on the hair, pearls immediately bring out nobleness and elegance in a woman, making the wearer feel like a bride to be married.

Jewelry Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Your Tarnished Jewelry 1
Pearls of Love Freshwater Pearl Necklace by Dogeared

14k gold dipped sterling silver with freshwater pearl; 16″ fine chain.


I have to admit that one of our editors bought this cute necklace right after the publication of this article and she is loving it! Such a dainty little beauty.

A single freshwater pearl on a gold filled chain: simple enough to wear everyday, yet precious enough for the dressiest of occasions.

Cultured Pearl Curved Bar Necklace by Ross-Simons


Cultured Pearl Majolica Tile Necklace by Ross-Simons


Letter necklace for girlfriend: simple and personalized

Brands now are trying to inject creative ideas into the original monotonous 26 English letters and combine with them gemstones and pearls, which breaks the stereotype of “letter jewelry = tacky”, and easily conquers the infinite charm of lettering.

Single Initial Petite Circle Charm Necklace by Ross-Simons


14k Solid Real Gold Cursive Initial Pendant by Ice on Fire Jewelry


Evil eye necklace for girlfriend: interesting and mysterious

“For thousands of years the eye has maintained its steady hold on the human imagination,” writes Quinn Hargitai.

The evil eye is a mysterious concept with thousands of history, serving as an important inspiration for multiple cultures for a long time. According to Greek mythology, Athena attached Medusa’s head to her armor in order to obtain the latter’s petrification ability. In the subsequent battles, Athena was invincible, thus achieving once again glory.

Therefore, such mysterious eyes were made into various forms of keepsakes to keep away evil spirits and protect themselves.

Meanings of the evil eye are guardianship, peace and good luck.

Evil eye jewelry with a minimalist design will never be outdated

Popularity of minimalist jewellery is a successful practice of the “less is more” philosophy in jewelry, which helps us to meet the true demands of returning to the original simplicity and purity.

Therefore, this type of jewelry is especially suitable for women who have clear goals, strong power and leadership.

VG11135 alt2 76896

Gold plated eye of Horus coin necklace

By Dogeared, $69.

This powerful amulet is an “all seeing eye” worn to protect and heal. Wear it for strength, courage and good health.

Everyone could use a little extra protection. For centuries the eye of horus has been a symbol for protection and healing. Wear this gold amulet when you need a little back up or gift it to a friend as a reminder that strength comes from within.

Looking for something else? There are a few more recommended pieces that are of high quality yet not so pricey. Remember minimalism is a long lasting trend in fashion as well as in jewelry and that you will not make a bad decision if you stick to this rule.

By Dogeared, $69

“Protect me” gold plated evil eye tablet necklace

by Amanda Rose Jewelry, $149.99

14k Gold Evil Eye Necklace on a 16-18 in

Sparkly and shining is really popular now

This trend is mostly promoted by SWAROVSKI with its icon evil eye collection. Compared to other styles, this sparkle group serves a real versatile eye candy, suitable for specific events, business occasions as well as casual looks.

Yet remember that SWAROVSKI uses artificial crystals only, so if you prefer to wear natural gemstones, gold or silver, it is better to turn to other high end brands such as Ross Simons, as recommended below.

You can see clearly that this brand is using authentic high- quality crystals and sterling silver as main materials, well, keep it real baby.

pendentif swarovski symbolic evil eye bleu finition mix de métal swarovski 5172560 1

Crystal Duo Evil Eye Rose Gold-Plated Necklace


This crystal embellished evil eye necklace has a strong symbolic and mystical history from SWAROVSKI.

It adds a mystic touch to any look, featuring one eye motif in blue, black, and clear crystal pavé and one in rose gold-plated metal.

by SWAROVSKI, $119

Lucky Evil Eye Necklace Rose Gold Plated

by Ross-Simons, $129

Blue and White Diamond Evil Eye Necklace

The exotic Turkish blue evil eye is here too

In fact, they are so unique and exotic, especially if you manage to find some delicate high quality pieces, that they naturally catch people’s attention and establish you as a real interesting and fun person.

A nice trick is to match traditional evil eye jewelry with formal wear. Trust me, this unusual ensemble will create real surprising results!

14k Real Gold Station Evil Eye Beaded Pendant Chain Necklace

By Gelin, $149.9.

This necklace is a great choice for those who are looking for elegance and want to give a sparkling touch to their neck. It is a stylish product that you can also wear to special events such as weddings, parties and prom. Classic dressing or casual looks, as you wich.

It is made of 14k Solid Gold, Nickel Free materials, cadmium free and lead free, suitable for all sensitive skins. On the beach, gym, swimming, hiking, bathing, they don’t tarnish either.

by Gelin, $69.9

14k Solid Gold Dark Blue Evil Eye Protection Necklace

by Gelin, $69.9

14k Solid Gold Opal Round Blue Evil Eye Necklace

Minimalist necklace for girlfriend with clear goals and leadership

Maximalism and minimalism are the two extremes in the fashion world. While the former brings exquisite gorgeousness and grace, the latter gives us a completely different sense of beauty.

VG1987 alt2 32366 1


Unpretentious is the core idea.

Minimalism as a form of art, advocates eliminating unnecessary elements, focusing on simplicity and functionality, and only expressing art through lines, geometric figures and solid colors.

It is also a style of life, of which the original intention is to strive for simplicity and reject anything that violates this concept.

VS11112 alt2 13421


Whether it’s in a cold winter or a sweating summer that demands a fresh look, small and simple jewelry is always suitable for wearing, and will definitely stand the test of time.

The only problem is, apart from high-priced jewelry brands and ordinary quality goods, where can we find these high quality minimalist jewelry?

If you are looking for minimalist jewelry of unique design, one of the recommended items will always cater to your taste.

Balance Tube Bar Necklace by Dogeared

This piece is extremely stunning and easy to wear. It is simple, modern, and versatile. Made from 14k gold dipped sterling silver, it has a 16″ superfine chain with balance curved tube.

Apart from high quality, this necklace also delivers a good message. It is handcrafted locally on the beautiful beaches of Southern California with respect to the planet.

Metal: Gold-plated 925 Sterling silver; Chain Circumference: 18 in; Pendant Height: 1⁄4 in; Pendant Width: 1 1⁄2 in; Weight: 0.4 oz

Cayne Crescent Moon Turquoise Inlay Pendant Necklace

HO19 CORE CA2 L1 Intention RE 185 116 134 G 002 1360x 1

This delicate crescent tusk pendant evokes an effortless bohemian vibe and can be adjusted to wear as a necklace or a choker. It shines in every occasion- Styling to dress elegantly, for fun or just an everyday outfit, this piece will make you stand out.

Station necklaces and layered necklaces add more variety into turquoise jewelry. Combine with gold they are versatile enough that it can dress any outfit up or down with ease.

Wear them on their own for an understated, elegant look or pair them with other favorites to achieve the on-trend layered look.

Capri Coin Gold Turquoise Necklace

Cruz Coin Gold Turquoise Necklace

Maximalist necklace for girlfriend: bold, complicated and eye catching

To be straightforward, maximalism is all designs that show decadence, wantonness, and extravagance, and boldly use colors and patterns to complete 100% eye-catching designs.

In the following content, we have carefully selected a few maximalist necklaces that are representative and of high-quality.

Adjustable Layered Shell Necklace Cowrie Conch Pendant by Bright Moon


Cultured Semi-Baroque Pearl Endless Station Necklace by Ross-Simons


Bohemian necklace for girlfriend: artistic and unique

Bohemianism is now a symbol of a nomadic, free, unruly, and decadent lifestyle. It promotes freedom and rebellious spirits, and with complicated colors the bohemian style give us a strong visual impact.

Turquoise Hamsa and Lotus Triple Chain Necklace by Satya Jewelry


Mother-Of-Pearl Seashell Pendant Necklace by Ross-Simons


Multi-Colored Layered Necklace by Catherine Malandrino


Weave and Sew Heart Necklace by Betsey Johnson


Art Deco necklace for girlfriend who love a nostalgic and retro style

“Art Deco reflected the plurality of the contemporary world. Unlike its functionalist sibling, Modernism, it responded to the human need for pleasure and escape.”

If you want to ask what style has lasted for nearly a hundred years but is still popular? Art Deco can be regarded as one. Whenever we think that all possibilities have been exhausted, it reforms and again stands at the front of the trend.

Art Deco is diverse and full of charm. To be brief, its main feature is the regular repetition of a simple geometric pattern, which eventually forms a more complex but highly rhythmic pattern that brings strong visual impacts.

Below are a few hand picked Art Deco jewelry pieces.

Scrolled Heart Locket Necklace With Diamonds, $95

Diamond Open Circle Pendant Necklace, $139

Conclusion on necklaces for girlfriend

Thank you for reading this article on necklaces for girlfriends, feel to share your thoughts below or check other articles on jewelry that we have published: 15 Recommended Pieces of Turquoise Jewelry: All Affordable.


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