11 intelligent optimizations methods to multiply local search ranking


Since the present age of technological advancement is already racing towards its prime, businesses too have started to recognize the need for digitally feasible solutions to drive their profits.

The growing number of mobile devices that allow numerous users to connect to the internet has made the web an unbound marketplace, where a user can conveniently purchase all kinds of services and products that they may desire.

Additionally, with various global companies utilizing the SEO services of a leading SEO marketing agency, the race to make your business remain on top of the search results is now fiercest than it has ever been.

To make your brand or business shine amongst the nearly countless competitors, you shall inevitably need to optimize your digital marketing and SEO practices.

Developing Top Local Search Ranking

Besides making your business global, it is also necessary that you gain a healthy sum of local traffic on your website to make it rank higher in local searches that are usually performed by users with keywords similar to ‘near me’.

Local SEO techniques offered by a leading SEO marketing agency could provide the following types of optimizations, apart from other means, to help your business gain more traction locally among the users that reside close to the locations where you provide your services and products.

My Business Tool

If you run a business then you must use the Google My Business tool & claim Bing Places which puts your business on the map so it can be easily found with a simple search. Do make sure that you pick or choose the relevant but correct category for your business, so you don’t lose business due to the difference in keywords used in the search query.

It’ll be ideal if you also specifically include photos of your products and your location on your My Business pages to make your business appear more credible.

Digital Business Directories

Owning your business on online directories along with citations is also important to obtain maximum audience reach across nearly all types of business listing services. You should definitely claim those on the following types of listing sites as these will also factor into your Local Search Ranking.

  • Apple Maps
  • Yellowpages
  • Foursquare
  • Yahoo’s Localworks

Reviews Management

Reviews are important for any business and especially more when the marketplace is digitally established. Positive reviews can motivate the customers to make the purchase decision, whereas responding to both positive and negative reviews is valued by search engines in determining website ranking.

Reviews including service or product-specific keywords and location words can help your business climb the ranks on business listings and Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs). Thus, ensure to maintain a positive review retention rate for gaining high local website traffic.

Business Pages & Social Listings

If you have your hands full with managing various duties, it is still important to make listings on all popular websites such as Instagram, Twitter, and so on besides also creating a Facebook Business page.

These social channels allow for quick user interaction which can both add to your sale as well as website traffic thus even when you cannot regularly be active on these channels, do leave information regarding how and when you can be contacted so users can reach you directly with their queries and other reasons.


Your business name, address, and phone numbers are things that should be consistently the same across all the channels, be it on your website, on social channels, or in the business listings. Search engines focus on providing accurate information so it is also ideal to keep your business name similar at all locations.

Mobile Optimization

You can use various tools to check your website’s mobile optimization which is important as search engines value it. The majority of users often use their mobile devices to access websites and social channels and that makes it important that your website is equally responsive and resourceful all the same on each platform.

Appropriate Data Markup

Accurate details regarding business hours, branch locations, menu or product directory, website address, etc are data markups that provide the user with more information on business pages and listing web pages. The presence of these details being listed also inevitably plays a vital role in determining the rank of your business and its website.

Website Components

Your website is listed on SERPs through your site title and its metadata which can be optimized to contain keywords related to your business. This fulfills both duties, providing the user with relevant information about your business as well as boosting the rank of your website in SERPs.

Including location keywords in both the titles and meta descriptions can further enhance your discoverability which might result in better website traffic and user reception.

Content Publishing

Have your website and social channels publish local content frequently that is inclusive of geolocation keywords that adhere to your business address and local SEO keywords that match your product or services.

Besides doing the above-mentioned things while publishing your content, also consider writing about local and global events to increase user engagement with your clients and audience as well as to enhance your brand awareness.

High-Quality Links

When your website or the pages from it are linked to other websites, social channels and are also linked back from high authority trusted websites, local news sites, community blogs, etc. you gain the advantage of being trusted by search engines easily.

When you further implement the use of geolocation keywords in the links themselves, you increase your chances of ranking higher on Local Business searches and SERPs too.

Domain Authority

When your domain provides both better functionality and serves to follow all the abovementioned optimization techniques, you increase your Domain Authority which can further attract other websites to form affiliate partnerships with you. Naturally, higher domain authority also attracts massive numbers of visitors.

Final Words

Beyond these techniques, there are several other factors that make a significant difference in boosting both the local search ranking and global search engine rankings.

A leading SEO marketing agency is aware of each of them and they can help you drive your business to greater heights by implementing those techniques so you can stay ahead of the competition, always.