How to automatically translate your store?

If you want to make your international business effective and improve sales, here you will learn how to properly translate your online store and localize it for a specific region.

In macroeconomics, it is customary to distinguish different states of economic systems: recovery, stagnation, recession and crisis. Let’s try to extrapolate these stages to a business.

First you open your company, then your profit grows, then you realize that you can’t continue to grow, and if you don’t find a way out of this situation, your profit falls. And if profits fall completely, then you are bankrupt.

In fact, such a comparison is not entirely correct: if the cyclical nature of the economy is a fact, then in business everything is much more complicated. Any entrepreneur knows that there are no hopeless situations, so the cycle does not work here. Business is more characterized by transformations: various kinds of mergers and acquisitions.

Any business after its foundation either starts to make a profit or is closed soon. And there always comes a point when sales are declining so much that the business is close to becoming unprofitable. But, nevertheless, how can an entrepreneur avoid collapse and not reduce the profit of the business, but, on the contrary, even improve sales?

There are several options. You can try to change the niche in which you work. It’s a hard journey that requires reorienting your entire business in a new way.

You can try to diversify your business: find some segment in the old direction that will bring stable profits, and start a new direction of business, maybe even under a new brand. This is also not easy, but you will have a relatively stable position in the old niche.

You can also try to enter the international market with your goods and services. It seems to be something very complicated and confusing, but nowadays everything has become much easier.

Probably the hardest part here is working with other languages. Choose English or some other language? And in general, what markets to work with? Let’s say in online stores it is sometimes difficult to understand which countries to work with.

If you want to make your international business effective and improve sales, here you will learn how to properly translate your online store and localize it for a specific region.

What’s the difference between translation and localization?

How to automatically translate your store?

First you need to answer the question: what is translation? This is the interpretation of the meaning of speech or text in the original language and the creation of a new one corresponding to the original in another language.

If you just take some text in one language and find a word for word equivalent in another language, then this cannot be called a translation. The words themselves in different languages can have different meanings and the order of words can affect the meaning of the sentence, so the text cannot be traced.

You need to know the specifics of both languages in order to create a correct translation. Remember that your job is to express the meaning, taking into account the grammatical, idiomatic and syntactic features of languages. And as a rule, translation is carried out either by professionals with a special education, or by people with vast practical experience in working with a particular language.

But why is it important not just to translate the text, but to localize it? The answer is very simple: localization makes the text not only understandable, but close to the reader from another country. He will not only understand the content, but also be imbued with the written.

But localization is often not enough. How do you make your writing effective in other countries and regions?

How to make a localization strategy?

In order for your business to take its place in a new market, you need to draw up a plan for the changes necessary for effective localization. Why is this needed?

It’s almost impossible to fully translate change into reality without a concrete strategy. These will be chaotic half measures, not holistic transformations. As a result, you will spend money and time, but you will not get any results.

In creating a localization strategy it is also important that in the process of working on it you can find strengths and weaknesses in your business, your competitors or even the market.

You need to plan many things for your strategy to work: localization of text, graphics, goods; changes in communications and social networks; transformation of corporate identity and identity, etc.

Be sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • the uniqueness of your strategy and brand in the market;
  • the complexity of localizing your business;
  • content translation automation.

How to automate the translation?

If you decide to run an international business, then you need to translate your website content. You can do it manually with the help of professionals. But how to translate the content automatically? LangShop is a Shopify platform tool to help you improve your sales.

To translate your store, you need to select the languages and currencies that the app will work with. How to choose the right ones to improve your sales with LangShop? Use the traffic statistics of your Shopify store.

After language selection LangShop will start translating the store. The app does this in the background, so you can keep working. If you need a special context or there are inaccuracies in the translation, LangShop allows you to edit the text manually.

The app can translate content into 241 languages, but Shopify limits the store’s multilingualism to 5. And if you want professional translation for specific pages or the entire store, LangShop has a PRO translation function.

Check out all the features of the app with a two week free trial. If there are difficulties, 24/7 support service is available. Improve sales and translate automatically with LangShop!

About the author

Dmitry Tkalich: I am a Search Engine Optimization specialist with 8+ year’s experience. I started my SEO journey with the Russian Internet and in 2015 I started promoting projects for an English-speaking audience. I am currently promoting Langshop, a fast growing app for Shopify. Langshop – App for translating stores on the Shopify platform. We support 241 languages for translation. For this support We use 8 automated engines, 2 AI engines and 1 translation studio.



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