How does a cardiology billing company help you comply with changes?

Cardiology is a tough and demanding medical field. It encompasses new techniques and technologies every now and then. Therefore, they require specialized and highly customized cardiology billing services to meet the requirements of the ever-changing medical specialty.

The fully optimized medical billing solutions can help practitioners to smartly deal with intensive bloodwork and other daunting procedures. The varied conditions also impact cardiology revenue cycle management. Therefore, cardiologists have to often deal with revenue losses and reduced reimbursements.

Luckily, a professional cardiology billing company can help practitioners sort out their medical billing and reimbursements related problems easily. This solution helps practitioners to proceed with their financial matters with the assurance of accuracy and consistency.

Also, cardiologists can take advantage of the in-depth knowledge of medical billing agencies about ICD-10 and CPT codes. Moreover, a well-established billing company can help you to streamline medical billing operations with expertise-related codes under the supervision of HIPAA compliance.

Before learning more details about the updates in cardiology billing and best practices, we must come to know how a reliable cardiology billing company can help you with the new changes in the revenue cycle management and maximize reimbursements.

Changes In Cardiology Coding:

Medical billing services require greater attention as much as the medical obligations of a practice. Because it keeps changing forever. Do you know that there are 26 CPT codes for only cardiology billing services? In addition to the basic codes, there are additional 11 codes used for this field. Especially, there are 450 changes in the ICD-10 coding system only for cardiology.

Practitioners require expert billing staff that can use the following codes for the leadless pacemaker.

What is a Leadless Pacemaker?

The leadless pacemaker is 90% smaller than a transvenous pacemaker. It is a self-contained generator and electrode system that is implemented into the right ventricle.

Hence, leadless pacemaker 33275 comprises imaging guidance, transcatheter removal of a permanent leadless pacemaker and right ventricular needs to get revised. Once you opt to hire an end-to-end cardiology billing company then you don’t need to take the stress of upgrading your system. Because a reliable billing agency would be doing it for you. In this way, it’ll help you save time and money.

Especially, there is also another change in the medical codes for another particular set of cardiology services i.e. Pericardiocentesis.

Following are the four new codes introduced under this category;

_ Pericardiocentesis 33016.

_ Pericardiocentesis 33017.

_ Pericardiocentesis 33018.

_Pericardiocentesis 33019.

They have also removed another code from the list i.e. 33010.

However, it is quite apparent that after these changes, cardiologists are in urgent need of innovative medical billing solutions that can help them to keep pace with these updates.

Changes For Cardiology ICD-10 Codes:

Yes! there is a series of changes even after the updates in the Pericardiocentesis. They have also made changes with the Cardiology ICD-10 coding scheme. But a professional cardiology billing company can do a trick for you in this case.


Although, the changes they’ve done with the ICD-10-CM codes are minor. But if cardiologists won’t pay attention to these codes then they would not become able to file clean claims (accurate medical claims that are reimbursed by the insurance companies). Due to this negligence, practitioners can lose a significant amount of revenue. However, a medical billing company is dedicated to providing accurate services as they are bound to offer successful results due to the contract.

Is Outsourcing Cardiology Billing Services The Best Solution?

Before landing right on the solution. You first need to understand the importance of dedicated and correct medical codes. Because some practitioners do not prefer to pay a huge capital amount to hire highly qualified medical billing personnel. Therefore, they just hire anybody and personally train them to understand their tasks.

Although, this approach is very common and somehow cost-effective as well. But it is not profitable in the long run. Lets imagine a situation when there is an excessively increased patient flow at your healthcare facility and the government introduces a new update in the medical billing or coding. Then would you prefer to leave your patients and rush towards your revenue cycle management in order to upgrade it?

Obviously not! Hence, keeping medical billing services on-premise is not an option for a medical business that is aimed to make growth in the future. Therefore, they always play smart and outsource billing and coding procedures to a reliable cardiology billing company that offers consistent support every time.

Also, innovative healthcare IT companies always provide a fully optimized practice management system, EHR (electronic health records) to ensure the integrity of your patient’s healthcare information throughout the reimbursement cycle (from documentation to reimbursement collection).

Certainly, handling cardiology billing is one of the complex procedures. Therefore, if practitioners don’t have the right expertise to prepare accurate documentation then it can also result in missing out on important medical codes. That’ll ultimately have an adverse impact on the reimbursement cycle.

Thus, practitioners should always head towards better opportunities that can bring positive outcomes for a healthcare facility.

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