Hiring agencies and types of employments


Hiring agencies are extremely beneficial for businesses as they tend to be time savers and cost effective. They are capable of finding some of the most skilful and well-qualified candidates for an organization, acting as a middle man between the workers and the employers.

The search of qualified talent is challenging. It is getting more complicated as a bunch of new, skilful graduates, make their way into various industries. To find the best bet for your organization, is definitely nothing less than a challenge that an employer has to take heads on. However, this challenge can be time consuming, stressful and extremely costly. This is why companies tend to hire staff agencies, to find them the best people for their teams.

However, as a fresh candidate or a potential candidate, you must be well-acknowledged about the variety of contracts that are available these days. When you get hired, there is a lot to consider. You must know about different types of employment contracts as they are the basis of terminations too. The type of contract you sign, has a huge connection with the type of termination you might have to deal with, in future.

Why rely on Hiring Agencies?

As mentioned above, hiring agencies are extremely time saving and cost effective. The long process of hiring candidates is not only stressing but it consumes the mind of an employer too. This puts a lot of other tasks on halt which is not the best deal for a business. Therefore, the best bet is to hire a staff agency and let them act as a middle man, between you and the qualified talented people.

Types of Terminations:

Before you are hired in any company, you need to understand all the terms that are correlated with employment. From types of comployments to type of terminations; a fresh candidate must have knowledge about all so that he/she can secure their future.

There are some scenarios when employees can get termination without cause. Likewise, there are some cases where firing an employee without a cause is not allowed. In both situations, the type of employment contract that the employee is bound to, is extremely crucial. It is also crucial to know and understand the types of contracts and terminations to keep yourself and your job secure in cases of wrongful dismissals.

Types of Employments:

There are 2 basic types of employment contracts:

  • Contract Employee:

In this contract, the employee agrees to work under the supervision and control of the employer. This contract is said to have better protection than the other one as the employer cannot fire the employee until and unless the contract expires.

  • At Will Employment:

If the employee is hired under the “at will employment”, the employer can fire or terminate the employee at any given time, without a reason too. Therefore, this type of contract is not considered better as it does not protect the employee.

Types of Termination:

As there are types of contracts to protect the employee, there are types of termination too. It is important to know and understand them so that the employee can secure himself in different situations. There are 2 basic types of terminations:

  • Termination under Contract:

In this type of termination, the employment is purely based on the contract. The time period is fixed and the employee cannot be terminated before the expiration of the contract. Once the contract is over, the employee is automatically terminated. Until and unless the employee is not offered a new contract, he is considered terminated at the end of the contract.

  • Termination by Law:

Even for termination by law, the contract is needed. However, the laws must be kept into consideration before suspending the employee. In such situations, the employee is not terminated in the heat of the moment. Proper investigation and documentation is required before firing an employee.

Termination Methods:

There are 3 basic termination methods:

  • Termination with a cause: In this procedure, the employee is guilty of fraud, theft, disobedience and late attendance etc. If you have evidence of the fraud or any other disobedience, then the termination is based on a cause.
  • Ordinary Termination: This termination is in the ordinary course and a notice is sent 30 days prior to the termination.


It is crucial to have knowledge about all your rights as an employer. Never be ignorant of your workplace rights. It is also important to read the terms and policies of any contract that you are handed. Read through all the work conditions so that you are well-aware of all the possible situations that can occur. Thus, make sure that you know about all types of contracts and terminations before you start working in an organization. It keeps you well-protected for all unwanted and wrongful dismissals.