A complete list of gray gemstones in jewelry!

In this article we will talk about the qualities of the color gray as well as the most popular gray gemstones that are often used in jewelry, their properties, meanings, prices, famous jewelry works, pictures, and much more.

In this article we will talk about the qualities of the color gray as well as the most popular gray gemstones that are often used in jewelry, their properties, meanings, prices, famous jewelry works, pictures, and much more.

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The fascination about gray

Gray is not the first color that comes to mind when we talk about jewelry, but it is definitely one that we should not ignore. It is simple, cool, ascetic, calm, unhurried, with its own elegance… It doesn’t need to be overly self-effacing to expresses the true self and goes well with other colors too.

Due to its neutrality, gray is often used as a background color. It makes others stand out. You can use a light gray instead of white or a dark gray instead of black. For a warmer, more earthy grey, use taupe, which is a brown with a lighter grey tinge.

This tranquil color is now becoming increasingly popular with designers as they seek more muted tones to match the brilliance of coloured gemstones and the timeless appeal of diamond sparkle.

Gray Agate: affordable, powerful and amazing luster

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Satya creative forces bracelet in grey agate, $49, check it on Satya.

There exist many colors of agate, including red, black, green, gray, and among them, gray agate has always been popular. Natural gray agate has a glassy and oily luster, brilliant and gradient color, smooth texture, pure and fine.

Gray agate has strong energy and healing powers. People in ancient times used to wear agate as an amulet against epilepsy and nerve disorders. Nowadays it is believed that gray agate strengthens courage, endurance, and determination, and that it clears the mind, helps to change our focus, and makes our life more productive.

Price range: $1- $30 per carat.

Gray Diamonds: pricey, luxurious and rare

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Maria Black Racer diamond earring, $586, check it on Farfetch.

Fancy colored diamonds are naturally loved by many people because of their rich colors. But among them, gray diamonds with its unique charm are attracting attention too, especially from those who pursue individuality.

What is a grey diamond? Natural grey diamonds, like other fancy coloured diamonds, are created when the gemstone is exposed to helium, nitrogen or boron during the formation process.

Grey diamonds have different shades and tones which makes everyone of them unique and special. For example, darker gray diamonds sometimes even look like graphite and lead.

Currently, gray diamonds are found in India, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, and the Argyle mines in Australia, where they account for 2% of all fancy colored diamonds (mostly champagne diamonds). Interestingly, grey diamonds are semiconductors, while most other diamonds are insulators.

Price range: $3,000- $6,000  per carat.

Gray Fluorite: ancient, vivid color, yet too soft

A complete list of gray gemstones in jewelry 1

The mining and excavation of fluorite originated in the ancient Egyptian period, when people widely used fluorite to make statues and carvings in the shape of sacred beetles.

Fluorite is known as “the most vivid gemstone in the world” because of its rich and vivid colors and smooth and flawless crystals.

However, because of its low hardness, it is rarely used as jewelry under normal circumstances. However, it can be used to carve ornaments relatively easily due to its soft texture, when there are large enough crystals. This mineral, as one of the most special purple stones, is very popular among collectors. Good quality fluorite can fetch very high prices.

Price range: $1- $30 per carat.

Labradorite: popular, affordable, low key

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Labradorite is one of the most typical gray gemstones. They look somewhat similar to gray moonstones, but not identical. Labradorite mostly has a distinct halo coloration and contains fine hematite inclusions. Therefore, if the stone is translucent, we can see patterns inside.

The labradorite is said to be able to block all negative thoughts by providing a mental protection. In addition, it also helps to reduce stress and fatigue.

Gray Moonstone: special luster, smooth texture, the love stone

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Monica Vinader Siren Stud Moonstone earrings, $150, check it on Farfetch.

Moonstones are usually white or colorless, either transparent or translucent with a light yellow, orange, brown, gray or green, and have a special moonlight effect, hence its name.

The magical, beautiful and precious moonstone is mainly produced in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Brazil, Mexico and the European Alps, among which Sri Lanka is the most precious.

Moonstones are very beautiful gems. They have always been considered as a gift from the goddess of the moon, i.e. Selene to humankind, with its mysterious and irresistible power.

It is said that wearing moonstones when the moon is full, improves our consciousness and the power to feel supernatural forces and, very importantly, helps us meet good lovers.

Therefore, the moonstone is called “lovers’ stones“, due to the fact that it can evoke emotions and passions inside us. Moonstones are a symbol of friendship and love and are the best gift to love.

Gray Sapphire: hard, precious, expensive

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Hand Made Oval Cut Gray Sapphire Ring, $450, Check it on Etsy.

Sapphire is not usually a gray gemstone, as we can imagine.  In fact, sapphire is derived from the Latin word Spphins, meaning blue. In addition to the most famous blue hue, we can also find sapphires in pink, orange, yellow, purple, green and grey. All these different colors, brightness and luminosity create a world of ever-changing fantasy, that people fall in love with for thousand of years.

Sapphires are found in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Laos, Cambodia, and China, with Kashmir being the rarest source, and Burma being the place that produces the most fine sapphires today.

Sapphire is a high-grade gemstone, ranking only after diamonds and rubies. It symbolizes loyalty, chastity, love and honesty. The star sapphire, also known as the “stone of destiny”, protects the wearer and brings good luck. In addition, sapphire is also the birthstone of September.

Gray Spinel: moderate pricing, crystal clear, durable

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Hand made gray spinel ring in gold, $280, check it on Etsy.

This gemstone is unique in the fact that it is singly refractive, meaning that it exhibits the same crystal properties in all directions. It is also hard, registering an 8.0 on the Mohs’ Scale.

It offers a wide range of hues, from an intense “firetruck” red to vibrant pinks, blues, purples, oranges, and greens. The color of this stone is determined by its trace minerals, often a mixture of iron, chromium, and cobalt.


Spinel is considered as a stone of hope and revitalization. Since it comes in a variety of colors, it is thought to revitalize every chakra. Many people wear pendants or rings of this gemstone in order to pull themselves out of negative thoughts, regain a sense of energy, and find new enthusiasm for life.

It is thought to widen its wearers’ perspectives by bringing fresh energy to the mind, body, and spirit.

In addition, its price is moderate and within the reach of most enthusiasts. This is another reason why it is shining in the gem market in recent years!

Tahitian Pearl: unique and almost luminous color

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Sandralexandra miercoles pearl-hoop earring, $110, check it on Farfetch.

Pearls known as the “Queen of Jewels” are listed as a birthstone for June and a memorial gemstone for the thirteenth and thirtieth anniversary of marriage.

It symbolizes health, peace, wealth, and longevity. Pearls have been loved by people since ancient times and bring good wishes to people who are born in this month.

As the most popular gemstone ever, pearls come in a variety of colors, among which we are most familiar with are white and cream (light tan). Black, gray, and silver are also quite common. As a matter of fact, we can find almost every color in pearls.

Tahitian pearls are known for their unique and almost luminous color.

Maybe it is risky to categorize Tahitian pearls are one of the gray gemstones. In fact, main color of this pearl is very special, sometimes referred to as “eggplant” (dark purple), “pistachio” (yellowish green ) or “peacock” (dark green combined with blue). But in many cases, they are defined as dark gray gemstones.

Gray Tourmaline: affordable, clear and smooth

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Tourmalines have the most abundant colors among all kinds of gems. Thanks to its complex composition, colors of tourmalines are directly affected by the combination and quantity of each ion and therefore there exists a huge variety, namely blue, red, purple, green, multi colored, black, brown, gray, colorless and so on.

Apart from a variety of colors and affordable prices, tourmaline, also known as the wish stone, has strong energy too. At present, tourmaline together with ruby, sapphire, aquamarine, tanzanite, emerald, is classified as precious gemstones, which is deeply loved by the public and have huge market values.

Tourmalinated Quartz: ancient, unique patterns, strong powers

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Wouters & Hendrix Reves de Reves tourmaline quartz earrings, $251, check it on Farfetch.

Tourmalinated quartz is a combination of crystal and black tourmaline. With its crystal or light gray texture and shape black inclusions, tourmalinated quartz presents itself as a really unique gemstone, which would immediately attract our attention.

Apart from the charming appearance, this gem also has strong healing powers. Basically, tourmalinated quartz is said to help effectively eliminate stress, fatigue, turbidity and improve physical health and luck.

Conclusion on gray gemstones

Thank you for reading this article on gray gemstones, I hope it helps you get the information needed. Feel to share your thoughts below or check other articles on gemstones that we have published:


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